Effects of Illegal Immigrants in California State. Sociology Paper Sample

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Date:  2021-03-26

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Both articles present different views. Seper focuses on the negative effects of illegal immigrants in California State which has the highest number of immigrants. On the other hand, Hoyt focuses on the positive effects of immigrants in Illinois a state which have very few numbers of illegal immigrants.

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According to Seper (n.d), the illegal immigrants are becoming a burden to the economy. Yearly, the state is incurring $10.5 on incarceration, health care, and education alone. The mass illegal immigration has led to the increase in taxes while the public services are deteriorating. The public is being forced to pay more taxes to enable the government to offset some of this costs (Seper n.d). Notably, some of the illegal immigrants entering the United States do not have good intention and poses a security risk to the people. For, instance, the existence of an increasingly dangerous network of smugglers of drugs and human beings is a threat to the national security. The only way to reduce the smuggling of immigrants and false IDs is through legalization process (Hoyt, 2004).

Unskilled immigrants who are providing cheap labor marginally subdue the wage level of native-born Americans. We have some Americans who have not gone to colleges nor either high schools and depend on some of the jobs that illegal immigrants have taken. Some companies have ended up preferring this immigrant as compared to Native American who demand more pay (Borjas, 2013). When cheap labor is dominating an economy, the overall wage automatically falls. And when it does, it is Americans who suffer. And when this happens, the first affected people are the poor. In a free market economy, providing help to illegal families affects legal families (Hanson, 2010).

The production and spending of illegal immigrants contribute to the countrys economy specifically the agricultural sector. Furthermore, illegal immigrants play an essential role in the economy (Seper n.d). The illegal immigrants fill the necessary low-wage needs. The immigrants are producing cheap and reliable labor in various sectors such as manufacturing, tourism, agriculture among others. The immigrants do work that some Americans cannot do since Americans obey to minimum wage labor laws (Hoyt, 2004). Illegal immigrants also produce a net benefit at the state level, and this has a far impact to the countrys economy. For instance, in 2007, the Texas controller report said that illegal immigrants paid about $443.6 million more in state revenues (Borjas, 2013).

Quiz: Three

I do not think if the two are ignoring each other side. The fact, the government, is spending billions of money to cater for illegal immigrants. Am sure California is coming up with a framework to reduce the spending. Something need to be done or the state economy will be affected drastically. I dont think Illinois is that equipped to deal with increased number of illegal immigrants. This is all about the population of the immigrants, California is the leading illegal immigrant state in the United States with a population of more than 3 million individuals while Illinois have a population of 500,000. Illinois is not taking this matter seriously since the immigrants are helping in improving the economy. However, if the population of immigrants was huge as that found in California, I could have been a unique case. America is an economically stable state and can accommodate a good number of illegal immigrants. However, the country should come up with a useful framework for controlling the number of those arriving in the United States in a productive legal manner.


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