Essay Example on Race, Ethnicity, and Genetics: Defining Our Origins

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Race, ethnicity, and genetics are close parameters that define the origin of geographical occupation and deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) composition of different people. The majority of racial categorization and ethnic grouping are based on the social attribution of the people, which is quite different and far from the biological point of view. The genetic construction in the DNA of different people varies from one person to another, therefore, resulting in diversity in genetic expressions among them. Genetic compositions in the DNA strands of individuals, therefore, causing the difference in physical appearances which include, body size, pigment color, activity, and cognitive aspects. The videos used in this research paper opine biological explanations on the genetic difference in various populations across the world that led to different races and the general classification of organisms.

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Influence of Kahn's Reading in the Module on Nursing Practice

Nursing practice is greatly influenced by the book by Kahn in that it indicates that most of the medical inventions and skills are developed from racial projects. Geneticists and biological socialists base most of the medical researches on human genome aspects, which are mainly attributed to the racial characteristics (Kahn, 2013). It, therefore, indicates that nursing practices are mainly established from such research, and the anatomy of nursing practices is easily obtained from a closer focus on the race and genetics of the organisms. Some of the improvements are enhanced to accommodate the practice of obtained skills on humans who are more complex in terms of genetic composition. The declaration of the US president on the genetic composition on human "I believe one of the great truths to emerge from this triumphant expedition inside the human genome is that in genetic terms, all human beings, regardless of race, are more than 99.9 percent the same" (Kahn, 2013). From this declaration, it is clear that nursing practice is improved through practice on genetic composition in the deoxyribonucleic acids (DNA) in human beings.

Some of the Ethical Dilemmas Presented in the Reading of the Module

Among the ethical dilemmas depicted in the book is the fact that scientists have difficulties in accounting as to why the blood group polymorphisms fail to give a comprehensive understanding of the genetic variations among organisms from different races (Kahn, 2013). The research only accounts for a smaller percentage than the expected since these organisms reside in different geographical locations. Therefore, it makes the science on genetic variation an approach that raises ethical concerns and dilemmas. According to the scientists' findings asserted in the book, the blood tested for the difference in the skin colour pigments of individual organisms revealed that the genetic presentation of alleles contributes a negligible percentage in the development of such skin features (Kahn, 2013). The research findings result in biological defects that, in turn, cause an ethical dilemma as most of the scientists and practicing nurses fail to substantiate their arguments based on biological point of view.

Moreover, an editorial on natural biotechnology describes the race as a poor proxy in an organism caused by poor adaptations to the contemporary environment and genetic changes by the organisms. It contrasts the fact that racial situations occur due to a biological difference in genetic expressions (Kahn, 2013). This dilemma, therefore, complicates the biological understanding of race, ethnic, and genetic relationships hence making it hard for scientists to identify the right approach. With such an ethical dilemma, it raises more concerns about the real and actual cause of race since the two conflicting theories have a significant impact in the scientific and biological field. Genetic composition in individual organisms varying hence leading to a difference in the external characteristics that describe such individuals. However, getting the anatomical origin of such a biological phenomenon remains hard as the reliable theoretical sources contradict each other With such an ethical dilemma, it raises more concerns about the real and actual cause of race since (Kahn, 2013). Therefore, the ethical dilemma presented in the book on the causes of racial condition (skin colour pigment) needs more research to be done to unearth the biological basement of such a condition.

Interesting Items Identified Each of the Videos

There are various aspects found out to be biologically interesting in each of the video presentations. In the presentation by Dr. Allen Gathman, who is the dean of Online Learning at Southeast Missouri State University, there is a discussed point regarding the origin of mankind and the difference in the genetic expression (Allen, 2016). He asserts that genetic changes are caused by a difference in the geographical locations inhabited by an individual organism at is mainly because people meet new people who cross genetic compositions due to reproduction. It is biologically true, but the interesting this is that the presentation depicted a large genetic distance between the African and the Australians regardless of the closer proximity as compared to other geographical areas. This scientific phenomenon indicates that the genetic composition of the organisms in these locations display varies at a higher degree.

Subsequently, epigenetics definition video by NOVA displays yet another interesting biological fact on the possibilities of identical organisms. It argues that although organizations can be formed from slitting up of a common cell during cell division, they might develop other different features later such cancers, different in weights and body mass. The video shows two identical twin sisters, where one of them is diagnosed with cancers and hence making the other partner develops worries about her fate regarding the diagnosis (NOVA, 2015). Biologically, the situation is possible due to a chemical component that attaches to the Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) strand and deletes or inserts some traits in one of the twins.

Influence of the Videos on my Biological Perspective

The videos of presentation on these key aspects such as race, ethnicity, and genetics impact on my nursing practice in a number of ways both biologically and social understanding. The comprehensive explanation of the causes of identical features in twins is important for nursing practice since it gives more details on the biological aspects that cause such a genetic phenomenon (NOVA, 2015). Genetic splitting during cell division is the main driver to identical twin cell formation, which later results in individuals with external and intellectual traits such as physical features, the cognitive status of such people (Allen, 2016). Understanding the anatomy of this characteristic is essential for a clear mind, underpins my nursing practice skills since making biological-based decisions with a backup of provable biological facts. Nursing practice is an important aspect in the nursing and clinical field in ensuring competence and appropriate professional skills get dispensed to the clients who are the patients. Therefore, from this video, my biological perspective on issues and practices is greatly influenced.


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