Effect of Homelessness on Education - Essay Sample

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Date:  2022-12-14


Homelessness affects education among the young generation. Being homeless is a free ticket to decide your fate as non-educated, due to lack of fee to finance your education and basic needs such as food. This affects not only the young homeless people but also the generation to come, and the future potential skilled labor force.

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The rate of homelessness increase with the rate of growth of cities due to overpopulation in urban areas. Housing problems started arising when people started moving to urban areas; for example, about fifty years ago, homelessness was considered invisible since most people were living in rural areas. This causes urban areas being more insecure hence causing an increase in the rate of crime which might lead to reduced economic activities. Many governments consider homelessness an embarrassment thus underestimating the subject, especially in most developed countries. In Moscow, for instance, the government reported that in the year 2015 the number homeless people was around 10,000, while non-government organizations claim that the number of people living in the street was as large as 100,000. (As Cities Grow Worldwide, So Do the Numbers of Homeless, 2017).

Usually, homeless cannot afford a proper diet, hygiene, and medical care, resulting in a direct effect on their health and mortality rate. Research shows that most communicable diseases are spread by the homeless. Also, the lack of proper sanitation by the homeless can cause an outbreak of diseases like Cholera and Typhoid. The diseases not only affect the homeless but also, the rest of the population. The government is indirectly affected since the outbreak can cause the death of its citizens, and also incur an extra expense in funding vaccination against the diseases. For example, San Diego County experienced an outbreak of hepatitis A in 2018 claiming the lives of 20 people and 398 hospitalizations among the 580 cases reported. (The Impact of Homelessness on Economic Competitiveness, 2018)

Just like hunger and poverty, homelessness has grown to become a major area of interest in the United Nations. The continuing spread of homelessness is an indication of failure by States to protect the rights of their people. Uneven distribution of resources and poverty is the result of treating housing as a commodity rather than as a human right. (Farha, 2016). In 2016 the United Nations housed a global conference dubbed The Habitat 3 to discuss the sustainable urban development and housing. This was a move to address homelessness in the world. (Government must commit to eliminating homelessness by 2030, 2016).


In conclusion, governments all around the world should emphasize proper housing as a human right as similar to the right to live. More funds should be directed towards permanent supporting housing, donations towards already existing children homes, rehabilitation centers and medical facilities for the homeless. Improving the level of employment in different countries will also play a significant role in reducing homelessness. Governments should also engage actively in providing food and primary education to the homeless. The role of a community is to help the homeless feel accepted among them by making donations and respecting their rights. They should also get educated on how to socialize with the homeless and also do community services for the homeless, like cleaning their encampments, teaching them proper hygiene and the dangers of drug abuse to those abusing drugs. Some governments are already working towards minimizing homelessness. For example, in the United States, non-profit making organization and city governments have constructed apartments for the homeless.


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