Dr. Pepper Snapple Group Essay

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Date:  2022-06-05


Dr. Pepper Snapple Group is a carbonated nonalcoholic beverages organization that is based in America. The North America market continues to become competitive with the dominating Coca-Cola and Pepsi Co having the market leadership. Therefore, in order for Dr. Pepper Snapple Group to increase its market sustainability, the company should enter the East African vast market which is a vast market where competition is manageable and a significant opportunity for Dr. Pepper Snapple Group to increase its overall sales. The East African market is a today the most expanding market in Africa that presents an opportunity to many demands due to the growth of the East African economies especially Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania market where nonalcoholic beverages have a high demand based on the sales of the existing nonalcoholic brands. Introducing the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group East Africa will significantly boost the sales of Dr. Pepper Snapple Group and promote the brand resilience amidst high competition in the North American market which has been reducing the profit margin for the organization. Dr. Pepper Snapple Group should introduce a low sugar brand in the East African market as more consumers in the region become more aware of the dangers of sugar which have been shifting their demands to more traditional beverages that have less sugar due to the increase of cardiovascular diseases in the region which is attributed to high sugar content intake. The Dr. Pepper Snapple Group East African brand should market and produce a health-conscious product such as the Snapple Diet in the East African market and will significantly grow the company sales and create a competitive advantage for the organization. Investing in the East African market makes sense not only due to the rapid economic growth as the region become a gateway to the rest of Africa but also due to the peace in the region which creates a sustainable market that Dr. Pepper Snapple Group can grow and expand its reach to the other parts of Africa which have a vast untapped nonalcoholic beverages market.

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Key Information Sources

Dr. Pepper Snapple Group.com

Dr. Pepper Snapple Group.com is the official website of the organization and provides important and authoritative information on Dr. Pepper Snapple Group.com that can help understand the organization current situation, financial situation, and future prospects. Dr. Pepper Snapple Group.com provides information on all the organization brands, the organization overview, the investors of the organization and also the current information and news regarding the organization brands. Another important aspect of the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group.com is that it provides the operations of the organization and how the organization has evolved in the last thirty years. The Dr. Pepper Snapple Group.com site also provides the consumers with information on the corporate social responsibility activities that the organization engages in which will provide a critical picture on the corporate social responsibility initiatives that the organization can initiate in the East African Market. Lastly, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group.com provides the organization leadership structure, annual organization reports, stocks information and financial reports which are important in assessing the organization values and current operation status (Home).

Dr. Pepper Snapple Group's Performance in the Soft Drink Market

The above source which can be accessed through blog.euromonitor.com provides an overview of the organization performance, competition in the market and the share cost of the organization. This information is very important when entering a new market because it helps to assess the organization competitive edge. The source provides a wide variety of the organization marketing information and the characteristics of the market and can be used to assess the trends in the market where Dr. Pepper Snapple Group is already operational and the challenges that the organization is already facing in the market (Barry, 2017).


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