Doing Literature Review Paper Example

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Date:  2022-06-05

Literature review is generally a critical analysis of knowledge published. This can be done either through briefing and classifying the relevant theories in various articles. Literature reviews technically refer to survey of important sources regarding one's research project (Seuring and Muller 2008,p16). This necessary gives a reader a background of information. It also involves evaluation on each study validity. One can criticize hypothesis that counters each other and organize the studies in a review by grouping them in accordance to variables. This guides the work of literature review and research studies to be accurate and relevant based on the study project without inductive arguments.

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The theoretical statement assumptions allow the reader to critically evaluate them (Whetten 1989, pp.490-495). The framework involves the researcher to existing knowledge; again articulating theoretical assumptions of research forces one to address questions and allows for describing observed phenomenon to bigger aspect. Theories limit the generalization of concepts under study.

When the importance of assumptions in research review are not taken into consideration, various flaws may be experienced; these problems arise if there is contradicting assumptions based on the researcher methods of data collection (Mosakowski and Earley 2000,pp.796-812). Certain assumptions are also likely to affect the inferences and the final outcome of the research. For example directly asking people about their personal lifestyle which may include ones' criminal record, will not guarantee the student/researcher genuine response. This has affected many individuals like me thus influencing the data collected either negatively or positively.

Research review questions can be framed in various ways based on unique characteristics; these may be based on various ways (Agee 2009, pp.431-447) .The research questions asked should be from the collected data. Additionally, the review question needs to assume the possibility of various opinions and narrow down to the clarity of arising questions. However, they should also be formulated one at a time and based on assumptions under investigation.

Research done by others should be evaluated based on the testimonies, data, ratings, and peer reviews (Blair and Maron 1985, pp.289-299). For example, certain evaluations are done depending on diaries, emails or documentaries.


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