Development Plan for the West Bay North Beach - Paper Example

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Date:  2022-06-22


Despite the West Bay North Beach being lively spots, they has lost their attractive status as the leisure, it has lost its previous status is the cultural and economic heart of Doha, and is criticized by numerous professionals and occupants to deficient of the true evidence of an economic hub. Qatar, and Doha as its capital, assumes an immense role as an economic, political and cultural hub within GCC, which underpins its global status. Novel development strategies to diversify the economy, as well as the implementation of neoliberal policies have contributed to significant urban transformation. The 'West Bay Beach Project' in Doha is a considered a regeneration initiative and a model that seeks to rejuvenate the coastal areas of the city with contemporary elements of an urban beach and transport hub.

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This proposed Development Plan is a fundamental tool in the aim of The Public Works Authority to achieve inclusive and sustainable growth for West Bay North Beach. The proposed plan sets out the approach to investment and development in the area for a local authority that remains ambitious for the beach area, its occupants, and their businesses.

Despite the area growth rates already having been achieved, the beach area bears the scars of uncontrolled development, environmental degradation, and other significant problems associated with utilities. However, West Bay North Beach is likewise an area with an unlimited growth opportunity and the Authority together with partners is working towards changing the fortune of the city through the attraction of new investment and jobs, growing and supporting its business base and regeneration of communities and towns. Rail, road, and air connect the area to the world market and in a suitable position to compete for new internal investment. To increase employment offer, attracting new venture will be critical. West Bay North Beach can support the development and growth of its key sectors, such as tourism, hospitality, and manufacturing by guaranteeing that infrastructure development continues to be attractive to the competitive worldwide marketplace. The scope of the plan covers the following aspects:

  • Public facilities
  • Green infrastructure
  • Water and sewage provision
  • Open Space provision
  • Road and transport provision
  • Waste management facilities

West Bay North Beach is a critical commercial location within Doha and offers deep-water seaport infrastructure and facilities that render it a national resource. It is essential that the future planning framework focuses on augmenting its commitment to support West Bay North Beach as an economic hub and thoroughly exploring the economic potential of the area's access to deep water. West Bay North Beach's beautiful coast will profit in every aspect from significant regeneration, including from the construction of a primary terminal, redevelopment of the existing harbor, park, and improvement of other public amenities. Further, the restoration of the area will safeguard the marine and associated maritime infrastructure critical for the tourism industry.

It is recognized that construction of new homes will be critical to the growth of the existing population to meet the anticipated increase in labor demand. The primary focus is on the deliverability of the proposed site and hence a Simplified Planning Zone framework is intended to encourage significant development. The approach will additionally allow the Authority to plan the provision of public infrastructure and amenities, including parks and schools, to serve the area. The significance of villages and towns as spots that remain attractive to their occupants is the essence of the proposed approach. The proposed plan is a balanced and bespoke approach to support the coastal economy while safeguarding its outstanding natural environment.


The plan anticipates the development of a novel waterfront at West Bay North Beach Doha, Qatar

The proposed project seeks to complement the existing leisure, recreational and hospitality infrastructure offering in the city

To support the development of public infrastructure and amenities to serve the West Bay North Beach area, including first-class beach park with an esplanade, a family area composed of children's beach, sporting facilities, cycle routes, and transport nodes along the waterfront.


Recognizing that the West Bay North Beach is one of Qatar's primary environmental and economic assets, a development plan is proposed to The Public Works Authority to guide the development of infrastructure, marine activities, tourism resources, and business. It is has been shown that coastal investment can enhance the desirability and profile of the West Bay Beach through the increase of tourism by value and volume, which this way can address the high rate of unemployment, support inclusion, enhance productivity, improve capacity and skill levels. The proposed plan is based on sustainable development approach, addressing the resultant environmental impacts, such as the destruction of the coastal environment, especially the remote or sensitive beach fronts, except when the anticipated economic benefits outweigh the consequences.

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