Description of the Occurrence

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Date:  2021-03-10

During the first day of the internship, I am faced with a difficult decision in examining an 18-year girl. Personally, I perceive that this girl suffers from a mental condition related to drug-induced cases. She remains silent for most of the examination period, but responds with an aggressively high-pitched voice amidst the interview. According to my professional knowledge, tolerance remains vital in solving this case for the benefit of the patients health. I choose a friendly process with client, anticipating that the move would invoke a level of cooperation. It turns out that the patients behavioral characteristics cannot be subdued with the academic and theoretical responses.

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Action plan

As an intern registered nurse, working in the hospitals waiting room is a transpose to improve my goals for health-oriented services to all types of patients. It is with courage based from my professional excellence that I adapt a jovial attitude to challenge, counsel, and examine the background of the patient and the mental health condition. Critically, the examination criterion and prescriptive clinical advices remain inevitable actions for full recovery. The intellectual application of the patient recovery objectives relates to learnt nursing and clinical frameworks for intervention. With less doubt, the mental health condition could have occurred from a precarious long-term abuse of drugs and substances. In a bid to rescue the patients health, I fail to question the contact of her guardian as a parent and a mentor.

Emotional and physiological feelings

From an interactive approach, I question the girl and her guardian about the recent past activities in the girl's life. The confirmation is that the girl's outgoing character and relation with peers in the neighborhood exposes her to drug and substance abuse. Eventually, I recommend the patient's guardian to seek psychiatric and therapeutic intervention from the hospitals eligible doctor. The condition evokes empathy as I reflect the antisocial parenting practices existing in the patient's social setting, which have propped the health condition. Further, I assume that the disciplinary actions used in the victim's family setting could have procured the aggressive behavior and subsequent indulgence and substance abuse.

Evaluations and analysis

The physical behavior of the patient seems normal until she reacts while responding during the conversation. However, her accompanying guardian depicts similar behavioral characteristics, but randomly. I assume that this patients mental health condition could be hereditary, with drug and substance abuse cases being catalytic of the occurrence. The point of view is that the two individuals should conform to a psychiatric intervention plan. Mainly, the patient's guardian reflects behavioral similarities; thus, her composure limits any judgments to the normal behavior. An involving, regular, and friendly-driven clinical session would launch a recovery process for the patient and her guardian.


Citing from the psychosocial behavior of the patient and her guardian, I acknowledge that I would have assisted in the recuperation course by questioning their biological and historical backgrounds. Professionally, exhaustive examination sessions could yield irrelevant data hence compromising the results. However, I have admonished the theoretical perspective after experiencing the varying characteristics of the patient. Arguably, understanding the family history is a strategic consideration to yielding additional information and understanding the course of action in the administration of clinical and medicinal sessions.

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