Dennis Kearny and Wong Chin-Fu Paper Example

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Date:  2022-11-07

Dennis Kearny

Denis Kearney was born in1847 in County Cork and later stayed in Francisco and contributed on social philosophy and current affairs. This made Kearney find an interest in working with the Workingmen's Poetry of California that was majorly compromises of immigrants and later elected the president of the party. Kearney and other likely minded party members had a common opinion that their primary mission was to unite all the workingmen and the poor into a single party and thus to protect themselves from the pressure of capital citing various Anti-Asian sentiments (Fong, 1980). Kearney supported the workingmen's bylaws that majorly advocated for the equal sharing g of the land monopolies, improved public welfare, punitive taxation of the rich whom he viewed to favor his point of view, he remarked that the death of China man was never a priority to an American as when compared to death. Furthermore, he called for a more favorable wage of around 4 dollars on any labor, better shelters and even campaigned against surplus corporate profits for public projects and he also demanded the Central Pacific Railroad to stop the Chinese laborers within certain speculated three months. Many critics viewed the act by Kearney as the Yellow peril that was associated with a high degree of a racist stereotype.

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Nonetheless, Kearney becomes one of the leaders that called for the immigration reform. He came up with a slogan that Chinese Must Go and further pressurized Congress to take into consideration the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 basing his fear on the revolutionary affairs. He to some extent won the public interest due to his speaking skills and in a manner that he defiled the capitalism and blamed the chines for it and remarked that they had burdened the state with debt and that the Chinese immigrants had all the better jobs in the US since they accepted to work with lesser wages. To support the Exclusion Act, the issue of Bachelor Society was at the spotlight as the American population viewed the Chinese immigrants as most males and had their wives and children left back at their homeland China and it was an honorable thing to let them go back home, such arguments greatly reinforced the Exclusion Act(Cramer et al.,1970).

Wong Chin-Fu

Wong Chin-Fu is a Chinese American activist that strongly advanced for the Chinese immigrants within the US and fought against the Chinese Exclusion a journalist, Fu used the printing magazines to agitate for the Chinese rights with America. He even came with the term Chinese Americans and founded the American Association of the Chinese voters and further testifies before the American Congress and fought for the rights of the Chinese within America for decades (Lee, 1887). Fu believed that the American missionaries were disregarding the image of the Chinese via various reports. To further convince the preservative Americans, he called himself the China missionary to America soil who extolled the values of Buddhism and even formulated an essay, "Why Am I A Heathen?" and this made most Christians unhappy and even offered over 500 dollars to wash away the notion that Chinese eat rats. His tactics of fighting for Chinese rights were unique but with strong messages. Mr. Fu stated that most Chines had dignity and were just out to work hard for their families just as stated in the work of Lisa see, "On Gold Mountain" that expresses the miseries that most immigrants ran from back at home only to face the worse in a foreign land of America.

Mr. Fu became very active in politics after the Exclusion Act was passed in the congress and convinced some of the Chinese to form a political association. He continued to fight for equal justice and rights of the Chinese immigrants by embarking on various initiatives like the publishing of newspapers and enhancing the Confucians Temple and even attempted to formulate his political party. Even though Fu had attained the American citizenship he still became active in China issues, for instance, the downfall of the Qing Dynasty (Hsu, 2006).


The history of both Dennis Kearny and Wong Chin-Fu seems to be actively antagonizing, and each is an activist in their perspective, except having different ideologies. Dennis Kearny is not comfortable with the Chinese immigrant even though he is an Irish immigrant, in his point of view, he feels that the Chinese are making every other person jobless since they accept to work unde4r meager wage thus most employers prefer to work with them. Kearny comes up with various Anti-Asian sentiments and discriminating sentiments such as "Chinese Must Go" and brands the Chinese as Yellow perils who take away all the jobs thus fuelling racism. Furthermore, a negative notion of Bachelor Society came into a limelight that most of the Chinese immigrants were males and that this put small girls' populations at risk of sexual abuse.

On the other hand, Wong Chin-Fu fought for equal justice and rights and advocated for the Chinese immigrants. Just like in work by Lisa See, "On Gold Mountain" Fu felt that the Chinese immigrants came to look for relatively greener pasture in America and ran an away from struggle and thus were not fair to be put under such hatred. He advocated for equality and published in various newspapers.


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