Dell Inc. Overview

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Multinational companies play a very important role in the world because they connect various countries through their operations. One of the best examples of the companies that have contributed to technological innovation is Dell. Dell Inc. is among the largest international technology company, which manufactures, and sells computers and computer related products. Some of these computer products are servers, personal digital assistants, network switches, data storage devices and personal computers. The founding father of the company is Michael Dell when he established the business in 1984 with the main concept that selling the computers to the customers directly would be the best technique of understanding their needs as well as offering them the best computing solutions (Dell,1). The Company has its headquarters in Austin Texas and is the 25th largest Company in terms of revenue in the United States.

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Core Competencies

Dell has been performing well regardless of the intensive competition in the IT industry some of its core competencies are:

The Company has eliminated reliance on retailers and dealers by using the internet as the main channel of distribution.

It sells its products at a low price because the cost of distribution is low

Good relationship with consumers and suppliers, after sale support and good marketing strategies make the company competitive in the market (Dell,2).


In 2009, the company was ranked 33 with revenue of $61 billion. Its performance was far below its capability. The company recognized that the customer experience in regards to post sale technical support from the company pre-sales was affecting its relationship with consumers. The company established the Customer Advisory Panel and invested in 30 people to offer these services to the customers. Its sales since then have significantly improved and currently its ranked 25th by the Fortune 500. In addition, the company has past been able to adapt to various challenges in the international economy by utilizing effective strategies.

Organization Cohesion

Dell is a learning company, which encourages personal development and professionalism as part of its culture. There are numerous programs meant to increase skills as well as develop leadership skills. The management of the company is always committed to balance the interests and aspirations of each employee to those of its goals and strategies (Dell,1). The company has always been practicing these principles from the time it was established. For instance, in 2010, Dell introduced a new signature program known as the Dell Youth Connect in order to assist young people with talent and incorporate them as part of its team.

Hands-On Management

Michael Dell is both the CEO and the chairman of the board of the company he established while 19 years of age. He always has a vision of designing, manufacturing and selling transformed products in the industry. He always quotes that technology is about enabling human potential. Michael is involved in both internal and external affairs of the company with a lot of commitment (Dell,4).

Sense of Integrity

Dell has strong value of integrity, honesty and is one of the corporations with the highest level of ethical conduct. From 2009, the company started redefining its values, which were initially diminishing from unethical practices such as fraud and deceptive business practices. In 2014, the company was ranked 9th in the corporations with the best business ethic s. The corporation engages in numerous employees, governance, shareholders and environmental programs such as collaboration with Balcones recycling as part of its initiative beyond generating profits.

Entrepreneurial Culture

The IT Company is the largest private held company in the globe, however, its strategy to be the leader in the key business areas is not changed. Dell is able to generate big computer sales because of the relationship it has established with the customers. In addition, it has a talented and outstanding team top from the Chief Executive Officer, and a business model that provides strong cash flow in the entire corporation. In addition, the management team is not differentiated from other employees to ensure that they are motivated to come up with new entrepreneurial ideas that are meant to increase its profitability.

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