TV Show Review: Into the Badlands - Leadership

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Date:  2021-06-28

Leadership refers to the process of directing or influencing the behavior of others. Leadership entails the ability to help people achieve things they don't think are possible. It also involves having a total influence on others. A good leader usually possesses the following characteristics; honesty, the power to delegate, communication, loyalty, confidence, fearlessness, being genuine, supportive, respect among others. In the setting of a TV show or a movie, leadership is one area that is always looked at with a lot of seriousness. That is the reason why we do have the main protagonist and the main antagonist in every TV show. Into the Badlands centralizes this aspect of leadership in its episodes (Carson, 2017).

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The TV show Into the Badland' narrates the story of a feudal society where the strongest and the less merciful rose to wealth and power. This neighborhood later came to be referred to as the Badlands. The land is partitioned among several rival barons who must control the resources they possess to survive (Carson, 2017). Whats ironical is that there is no easy way out of this land, so to be sure of another dawn, being strong is the only option. Barons in this land enforce their rule via the aid of able Clippers, both of whom are deemed dangerous but loyal to their barons. Clippers are accorded some status and comfort the general public cannot enjoy, and in return, they are willing to die in service to their barons. Not very many Clippers live to see their thirtieth birthday, but the main protagonist is not just like any other clipper. With the most deadly techniques in the world of martial arts, the main protagonist rose significantly fast through the ranks to become the head Clipper of the most powerful Baron.

The Barons in the TV show into the badlands have total influence over their Clippers. The Clippers does whatever the Baron commands without questioning. This includes very dangerous missions. For instance, the main protagonist is regarded as the most loyal and the most trusted of all clippers. The Barons get what they, want without any resistance from the Clippers or soldiers under them. This leadership though can be viewed as dictatorship is what exists in the military world where and commands, and orders are followed without questioning (Carson, 2017).

The Barons in this show also demonstrates leadership by leading their fighters to wars against rivals. In the TV show, we witness the Baron of the main Protagonist leading his fighters against a lethal rival who calls herself as the Widow. The Baron in question here even engages in the fight alongside his fighters. Only true leaders do what he does. The Baroness, the Widow, also demonstrates leadership by being overprotective of her butterflies. She also takes the front line in battles against her rivals. She does everything under her power to ensure that her butterflies are protected (Carson, 2017).

The main protagonist displays leadership traits by leading the other clippers to battle against rival Barons. Gifted with proficiency in one of the most lethal martial arts technique, he rises to become the leader of the other clippers. As a leader, he coordinates attacks and decides on the best approach to use and leads the attack. He displays fearlessness by confidently operating on very dangerous missions.

The Baron of the main Protagonist has enjoyed control over the Badlands for over a decade without being challenged. However, the newly emerged Baroness is determined to test his appetite for a fight, so she stages organized attacks on his territory. While on service resisting the attacks, the main protagonist bumped into a teenage boy who has, the only survivor of a deadly ambush. The main protagonist comes to understand that the boy possesses some powers. He becomes his teacher and tries to advise him on how he can control his dark site. This two latter come to join forces against their enemies.

Amid the gathering, the five outstanding Barons vote The Widow in the break of the Foundation Treaty, stripped of her nobleman title, and her properties and benefits are renounced. They give her 48 hours to abandon the Badlands, yet she has no expectation of surrendering it, and a baronial confrontation is going to start. Simply at that point, Quinn makes a sensational passage first and follows Ryder, murdering his child amidst his support labyrinth. At last, Tilda, the head of the butterflies, appears at the scuffle and helps Waldo and her mother in their battle for a sans cog world.

The main protagonist needs to make sense of how to control the boy's energy, particularly when he gets thumped out by a single punch. Jade prepares for her wedding, and taking Lydia's recommendation, she stops her association with Ryder, who feels broken and deceived. The main protagonist discovers Veil; his girlfriend has been helping the boy interpret the Azra book and treating his Baron's tumor. Afterward, the Baron sets a parlay with Baron Jakobe to enable him to overcome The Widow after she executes one of his Clippers. Both aristocrats meet in the City of the Dead at Cross Bend where issues emerge. The boy spies a hidden Tilda and gives interest, and they battle. Tilda cuts him, unleashing his dimness that no one but she can stop. Ryder is enrolled by Zypher who is covertly working for The Widow to join their cause to begin a war.

Waldo stipends Sunny a crowd of people with the River King, shipper of merchandise and machine gear-pieces, to save an entry out of the Badlands. In any case, the River King requests the boy's head as installment because of the kid having beforehand slaughtered some of his Cogs.


Carson, R. (2017). # NYCC Exclusive: AMC hosting panel for martial arts steampunk action thriller Into the Badlands at New York Comic-Con 2015 with Alfred Gough, Miles Millar, Daniel Wu and more

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