Death of a Salesman Idealism and Truth Essay

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Date:  2022-05-23

Idealism describes the belief or chase of a perfect vision frequently based upon unrealistic rules. This chase is frequently contrasted and opposed by truth. The truth and world in an individual’s life is what enables this individual to stay grounded and down to Earth. An single must put themselves high outlooks in order to be their best. but they must besides admit the fact that everything they desire is non accomplishable.

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The instability of idealism and truth in an individual’s life can hold black effects. It is important in an individual’s life because it can take to the impairment of an individual’s saneness. devastation of household relationships and finally decease. This is exemplified in Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller. by Willy Loman. Willy spends his whole life prosecuting the American Dream. This chase leaves him in debt and missing less than a splinter of saneness. This adult male lacks the capacity to confront the truth ; the world of his state of affairs.

The negative consequence that his dream has on his household and life is merely unmarked and ignored. As Willy’s life swerves out of control. he tumbles deeper into the abysm of his idealism. to a point of no return. The inability for an person to accomplish a resolved dream can take to the impairment of their saneness. In Willy’s instance. he has spent his whole life prosecuting the American Dream ; a dream that is impossible to accomplish. His inability to get by with the failure of his life at first merely causes him to experience lost. but finally causes him to travel insane. Ironically plenty this adult male. so set on holding the perfect life. has an matter with a secretary of one of the purchaser. This is merely a fiscal dealing of gifts for sex and entree to the purchasers. Willy does this to get away the truth of his life. and in the procedure wholly contradicts his ends. In an effort to protect himself from the world of his life. he goes into self-defense manner. His ain head morphs his memories to accomplish and set up his desires. Willy’s changeless flashbacks lay the basis to back up that he is going senile and that his idealistic inclinations caused him to lose the ability to acknowledge world from semblance. Willy is a really insecure person. and he tries to do himself look better by lying to himself and his household. In his universe of psychotic belief. Willy is a enormously successful adult male. He disguises his profound anxiousness and diffidence with utmost haughtiness. Biff nails it on the caput when he points out the fact that Willy had all the incorrect dreams. All. all. incorrect. ” The overmastering chase of idealism over truth can take an single to miss the ability to get by with world. Willy has a batch of possible. but he besides has a humongous instance of self-deceit paired with ill-conceived life ends. He has based his whole life on back uping others and does non cognize how to populate any other manner.

The consequence of missing a manful figure during his vernal development is significant consequence in how Willy raises his ain boies. In Willy’s chase of the American Dream. he clearly instills in his boies that being well-liked is more of import than character. By stressing likability as being the most desirable quality for success he places a higher premium on outward projection over interior strength of character. He merely passes on these unrealistic qualities to his boies. I ne’er in my life told him anything but nice things. ” Willy’s memories reveal that the values with which he raised his boies has made Biff comes to see himself exceeding and entitled to whatever he wants irrespective of how difficult he works or whether it harms others.

Biff’s perfect semblance is shattered when he discovers that his male parent is holding an matter and he feels hateful and confused about his father’s actions. His inordinate chase of idealism shatters Willy’s relationship with his boy ; this is something that he does non hold the ability to fix. Willy’s chase of idealism in his life was highly unrealistic and finally prevented him from holding the ability to see the truth in life. He spent his whole life seeking to supply for his household. He wanted the life of a salesman. To be well-liked and have a monolithic funeral when he dies.

The world is that he spent his whole life prosecuting unrealistic dreams based on negative personal values. Willy himself points out that he’s worth more dead than alive. ” It’s rather tragic that Willy believes he has to kill himself to experience that he is deserving something to his household. The world of the state of affairs is that his decease is in vain. The Loman’s merely had one more payment left on the house. and don’t really necessitate the money any longer. But in his blinded semblance. Willy can non see through or get by with his failure. This causes him to believe that he is deserving nil more alive and kills himself to enable his household to roll up his life insurance money.

The variability of idealism and truth in an individual’s life can take to the loss of saneness. impairment of relationships and even decease. By holding a good balanced of idealism and truth. there is a greater potency that an person will detect contentment in life. While prosecuting an ideal. an person may be confronted with truth that must be recognized. and if ignored will hold cataclysmal consequence. Idealism provides a good beginning of motive to endeavor for excellence and truth reminds us that we are all flawed. Together. with an appropriate balance of both. you have the tools to populate a life happy.

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