Some Questions on A Streetcar Named Desire

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At what street address will you find the Kowalski's apartment?

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The Kowalski's apartment is found on the Elysian Fields in New Orleans and it runs between the L and N tracks and the river. The street address is six thirty-two

What does Stanley like to do for entertainment?

For entertainment, Stanley likes to go bowling.

Who owns the building where the Kowalski's live?

The building in which the Kowalski's live is owned by Eunice.

What does (did) Blanche do for a living?

Blanche was a teacher, she taught at a school.

What famous author does Blanche refer to when describing the building where her sister now lives? What does that reference tell us about the building?

Blanche refers to Mr. Edgar Allan Poe when describing the building her sister lives in. This reference shows that the building's condition is so poor that only an experienced critic can find the right words to describe it.

How has Stella changed since Blanche last saw her?

Stella has put on some weight since the last time Blanche saw her.

How old was Stella when she left home?

Stella was fifteen years old when she left home.

What reservations does Blanche have about the sleeping arrangements?

Blanche is worried that the bed she has been given is collapsible. She is also concerned of decency since there is no door between the two rooms yet Stanley will also be around.

What was Stanley's rank in the army?

Stanley was a Master Sergeant in the Engineers Corps.

How does Stella feel about her husband's absences?

Stella is sad that her husband is always on the road.

What was life like for Blanche after Stella left Belle Reve?

Life for Blanche was difficult. She struggled to hold it together and fought for it but life was too difficult. She suffered blows and experienced the death of their parents and eventually lost Belle Reve.

Why can't they play poker at Mitch's house?

They cannot play poker at Mitch's house because his mother is still sick.

What does Stanley do when he first meets a woman?

When Stanley first meets a woman, he sizes them up with sexual classifications and has crude images flashing into his mind as he smiles at them.

What's Stanley's motto?

Stanley's motto is be comfortable.

Why isn't Blanche married anymore?

Blanche is not married anymore because the boy she was married to died.

What's the Napoleonic Code?

The Napoleonic code is a code of law that places the property of women in the hands of their husbands and property of one's husband is also property of his wife.

Study Questions for A streetcar Named Desire Scene 2

Where are Stella and Blanche going for dinner? What's Stanley going to have? (What's wrong with this picture?)

Stella and Blanche are going to Galatoires for supper. Stanley is going to have a cold plate on ice. This is wrong because he provides the money for Stella and Blanche yet he will not eat with them.

What is Stanley's suspicion concerning Belle Reve?

Stanley is suspicious because Blanche has not shown Stella any legal papers or the title deed of the land in order to explain how the land was disposed of. He suspects that they have been swindled by Blanche.

If Blanche was not Stanley's sister-in-law, he'd be getting ideas about [her]. What sort of ideas is he getting, and where are they coming from?

Stanley would be getting ideas that Blanche was flirting with him. This is because she is playful with him and even sprays some of her perfume on him.

According to Blanche,

A woman's charm is fifty percent illusion.

What surprising news does Stanley tell Blanche at the end of scene 2?

Stanley tells Blanche the surprising news that Stella is going to have a baby.

Study Questions for A Streetcar Named Desire Scenes 3 & 4

Hows Stanley been doing at poker?

Stanley has been losing his poker games.

What is Blanche's initial opinion of Mitch?

Blanche initially thinks of Mitch as one who appears more superior to the other men and sensitive.

Where did Mitch get his cigarette case?

Mitch got his cigarette case from a girl who loved him, but she is now dead.

What little lie does Blanche tell about Stella?

Blanche says that Stella is her little sister yet in real sense, Stella is slightly older than her.

What did Blanche buy for the apartment on Bourbon Street?

Blanche bought an adorable little coloured paper lantern at a Chinese shop on Bourbon Street.

What happens when Stanley plays music critic?

When Stanley plays music critic, he throws out the radio making Stella ask the men playing poker to go home.

Why does Stella go upstairs to Eunice's place?

Stella goes up to Eunice's place because Stanley beats her yet she is going to have a baby.

Who once turned the hose on Stanley? Why?

The law once turned the hose on Stanley because of hitting his wife. How did Stanley turn out the lights on his wedding night?

Stanley turned out the lights on his wedding night by snatching off one of Stella's slippers and smashed the light bulbs with it.

How did that make Stella feel?

Stella felt thrilled by his actions.

To what two things does Blanche compare Stanley?

Blanche compares Stanley to a madman and a violent person who will not let go of Stella.

How does Stella respond to Blanche's criticisms of Stanley?

Stella is defensive of her husband as she accepts him even with his limitations.

Study Questions for A Streetcar Named Desire Scenes 5, 6

Why is Eunice mad at her husband, Steve?

Eunice is mad at her husband Steve because she has heard about him and a blonde having an affair behind her back.

What month of the year is it in scene five? How long now has Blanche been living at Elysian Fields?

Scene five happens in August in the summer. Blanche has been in Elysian Fields for almost four months since she moved there in the month of May.

Who is Shaw, and what does he have to do with the Flamingo?

Shaw is a person who claims to have met Blanche at a cheap establishment known as the flamingo.

What happens that causes Blanche to scream? Is this an appropriate response?

Blanche screams because the coke Stella was serving her spills on her pretty white skirt.

Does Blanche want Mitch? Why, or why not?

Blanche wants Mitch because she likes him and she believes that if she gets him, she will be able to move out of Stella's apartment.

What tip does Blanche give the paperboy?

Blanche gives the paperboy a kiss.

Why is Mitch not sure if he should kiss Blanche or not?

Mitch is not sure if he should kiss Blanche or not because the first time he kissed her, she did not seem to enjoy it.

Even though it's quite warm, Mitch won't take his coat off. Why not?

Mitch will not take off his coat because he is ashamed since he perspires a lot and his shirt is sticking to him.

What was the finest gift that Mitch ever received?

The finest gift that Mitch has ever received is a membership to the New Orleans athletic club.

What is the Two-forty-first?

The Two-forty-first is the Military where both Stanley and Mitch were.

What did Blanche think when she first saw Stanley?

When Blanche first saw Stanley, she thought he would destroy her and that he was going to be her executioner.

How did Blanche's husband die?

Blanche's husband killed himself with a bullet through his head.

What did Blanche see and hear that disgusted her?

Blanche saw her young husband in bed with another man who happened to be his friend for many years. The sight of the two men making love disgusted her.

What effect, do you suppose, did the whole incident have on Blanche?

Blanche lives in regret and denial since she is part of the reason behind her husband's suicide. She is unsure of love and is afraid to make a commitment since the only person she ever loved was her dead husband whom she was unable to help when he needed her.

Study Questions for A Streetcar Named Desire Scenes 7,8Whats the Flamingo?

The Flamingo is a cheap establishment that functions as a hotel and allows all manner of activities to go on behind its doors.

For whom was Blanche's house declared out of bounds?

Blanche's house was declared out of bounds for the soldiers in the army camp near Laurel.

Why did Blanche lose her teaching job?

Blanche lost her teaching job because it was discovered that she was having an affair with a seventeen-year-old boy.

What has Stanley gotten Blanche for her birthday?

Stanley got Blanche a bus ticket on the Greyhound bus.

How does Stanley help with the kitchen chores?

Stanley helps by hurling his plate, cup and saucer to the floor.

Why won't the boys be doing their bowling at Riley's?

The boys will not be doing their bowling at Riley's because Stanley had a little trouble with Riley.

Where does Stella go at the end of scene eight?

At the end of scene eight, Stella goes to the hospital.

Study Questions for A Streetcar Named Desire Scenes 9, 10, 11

Blanche says she doesn't want realism. What does she want? What does she do to get it?

Blanche wants magic and to get this, she does not tell people the truth but rather what she believes ought to be the truth by misrepresenting things to people.

Blanche mentions picking daisies. To what is she referring?

Blanche mentions picking daisies while referring to the good things that people prefer.

What's Stanley planning to do when he gets that call from the hospital?

Stanley plans to celebrate by tearing off his pyjama coat and waving it like a cord when he gets the call he is expecting from the hospital

Blanche threatens Stanley with a broken bottle. How does he respond?

When Blanche threatens Stanley with a broken bottle, he responds by springing towards her and overturning the table.

We've had this date with each other from the beginning, says Stanley. What date?

Stanley says that they have had that date from the beginning referring to a sexual affair between him and Blanche.

Blanche is getting ready to go on a trip. Where does she think she's going? (Where is she really going?)

Blanche is getting ready to go on a trip with Shep Huntleigh yet in real sense she is being taken to a mental institute.

Why doesn't Stella believe her sister?

Stella does not believe her sister because she cannot believe her account that Stanley raped her and still live with him.

How does Blanche imagine herself dying?

Blanche imagines herself dying at sea from eating a dirty grape with a handsome young ship's doctor by her side.

On what has Blanche always depended? Is that a good plan?

Blanche has always depended on the kindness of strangers. This is not a good plan because she remains vulnerable and people take advantage of her.

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