David Foster Wallace: Unparalleled Talent & Unique Style - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-01-16


David Foster Wallace has unique and talent slanted abilities that make him outstanding when likened to other others. For instance in his book 'consider the lobster' he uses a new style and tone to elucidate his lobster festival. The use of footnotes and asides is an illustration of the unedited camera which highlights the tone used in the fiction work. This helps to draw the attention of the audience for the fact that DFW offers the cutting story using a drowsy aquarium. There is also the use of intricate prose. For example, Rahul using an insane vocabulary and connecting it with DFW attract the attention of the readers and the audience to uncover the reality of such complex adjectives (Kelly 283). Further, DFW is emulsified with emotional prose and finishes the sentences with three abbreviations and a phrase.

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In the same parallel, use of intricate prose continues to be divulged in the lines and he uses serious detail (Kelly 281). DFW is focused on efficiency but it becomes frustrating. However, there is a function for such for the fact that he believes in the world of fashioned lines and imagination. Use of detail gives the audience and the reader an idea of what the director seems like despite the fact he is not incorporated in the fiction book. The way DFW created his book illustrates the use of a creative tone due to his originality. For example, the manipulation of the page is an intricate explanation that connects the audience to the logic behind the construction of the spider web. It is clear that DFW understands the actual and physical mechanics involved in reading because in his lobster festival is observant with the tripping lamps of the readers.

Philosophical Views by David Foster Wallace

David Wallace in his book "Consider the Lobster," postulates the morality question of, why do lobsters have to suffer so we can eat them? The question concerning the morality of eating lobsters is brought up in his book. The author initially posits out that lobsters feel pain and hence suffer so humans can eat them." Lobsters have nociceptors, and they are invertebrate in the category of prostaglandins, and prime neurotransmitters through where pain is registered in the brain" (Kelly Pg. 269) DFW's point encounters the notion of many lobster-aficionados regarding "there is a part of the brain in humans and faunas that makes us feel pain, and lobsters' brains don't have this part" (Kelly Pg. 270). Philosophically, the author's statement affirmed that seeing animals as least important is morally wrong, but they still want to feed on them.

The author displayed proofs for his questions concerning the consumption of lobsters by disregarding the theory by philosophical scientists that lobsters are not nociceptors through offering scientific and visible evidence about lobsters' anatomy and behaviors (Kelly Pg. 273). David Foster Wallace first argued out that the reasons humans choose to ignore the moral questions of animal consumption show that they opt to stick with familiarity over indecision. The second argument is he related animal consumption to Plato's allegory of the cave. The theory suggests that humans are shackled to a pew facing the wall seeing the shadow reflected from the sun behind them but are unable to liberate themselves to bask in the sun. These people continue to stick in the shadows believing that the shadow is the truth. This explains the reason why his scientific critics refused to listen.

Works Cited

Kelly, Adam. "Development through dialogue: David Foster Wallace and the novel of ideas." Studies in the Novel 44.3 (2012): 267-283.

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