Essay Example on Harnessing Diversity for Brainstorming: Social Work & Its Key Related Issues

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Diversity and differences in our society facilitate brainstorming of ideas. Social working benefits the community at large rather than an individual (Canda, Furman, & Canda, 2019). The types of social job are categorized into three interrelated scales. The primary scales that were identified during the governmental assessment meeting to be impacting social workers are micro, macro, and mezzo.

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Key Related Issues


The micro-level incorporates day-to-day events of social works. The micro-level involves direct interaction of workers and clients in addressing specific challenges. Primary issues under micro-level include helping individuals find houses, social and healthcare services to the public. The sensitive interaction with community members requires individuals with undergraduate degrees in fields such as sociology and psychology fit for this level (Willis & Molina, 2018).

Mezzo Level

Mezzo level focuses on groups rather than individuals. The workers under the mezzo level assist smaller groups in societies. The groups may be a combination of three to five families, depending on the size. The primary activities under the mezzo level include solving business-related challenges and school challenges (Shipherd & Sloan, 2019). Mezzo level workers also focus on solving community and organization challenges. A productive mezzo level worker will at least need to start at the micro-level to gain experience before joining mezzo level to work with medium to large groups of people.


The macro-level is the most advanced stage in social working classification. The macro-level involves advocacy and intervention services at high levels on issues that impact the society, states, or the nation. The level deals with matters which are out of control of an individual. The primary macro-level events incorporate petitioning federal or state governments for funds, crafting laws to help the community, and plan country-wide events (Canda et al., 2019).

Evaluated Decisions and the Beneficiaries

At Happy Start Academy, the founder and Director of the institution promised to expand the institution to offer social and healthcare services. The primary beneficiaries of the decision are society. The members of society will enjoy the health and social consultation services from the centre. The resolution also will help community members save time when seeking other personalized services. The micro-level workers at the institution will offer other decisions. Bob Boykin advised the community members to form manageable groups of around twenty to thirty people to ease tackling of the common challenges that they currently face (Willis & Molina, 2018). The decision of forming groups will help the community solve fundamental problems such as insecurity and inadequate supply of necessary funds. At the meeting in the Macon City Hall in Mississippi, it was agreed that Bob Boykin would spearhead the formation of macro-level workers organization. The organization will petition for more funds from the federal government.

Economic Policies and Social Welfare Impact in Delivery of Social Services

Economic policies and social welfare are the primary elements that affect the delivery of services to the public. The governmental assessment meeting was geared for reforming the leadership structure to ensure accessibility and timely delivery of resources to the citizens. The power structure will comprise of a directors and resource planning committee to ensure delivery of the social services to the public. The disabled members of the community will be given priority in selection processes. The social policy will be inclusive to ensure equitable distribution of social amenities and solving of social challenges. From the groups that will be formed under the mezzo level, a leader from each group will present the challenges they face to the committee for evaluation. The policy framework will be integral. The leaders of the program will be selected according to their academic qualifications, skills, and experience they have gained in their various fields. Some of the social amenities that will be provided within reach of the community members include healthcare services, education, and the social justice system to petition for the victims within the society.

Social Services Intervention

The selected team will spearhead social intervention at numerous levels. Some of the responses that will be addressed upon the formation of the team will include both casework and therapeutic services. The services will be tailored according to every member's needs. The social service intervention will consist of parenting education, family and child counselling services, among others. The delivery of the services to the society will be in strict adherence to the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) code of ethics. NASW code of ethics includes social workers ethical responsibilities to their colleagues, clients, practice setting and the broader society, among others (Shipherd & Sloan, 2019). The social workers under the program will be required to commit their services to the clients and show self-determination towards serving the community. The workers will further be required to express competence and openness on their duties. The NASW Code of ethics requires that the workers be respectful to their colleagues and be confident of their services. The code of ethics compels workers to comprehend the primary significance of human relationships and behave in a trustworthy manner throughout their course (Shipherd & Sloan, 2019).


Social work requires determination and commitment to serving society. Micro, mezzo, and macro levels are the three primary classifications of social workers. The social workers are required to adhere to the NASW Code of ethics when performing their duties to the community.


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