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Date:  2021-04-02

The millennial age group, of which I belong to, is one of the cultures that exist in the country. It is a very distinctive culture for it has a rich history of how it came to be. The reason is that the millennial group came into existence the year 1980s. My culture is composed of different people from many walks of life. My culture shares various cultural beliefs and customs with other groups. The group is composed of several people that were born between the year 1980 and 2000, and that is how the group came to exist. The millennial age group is also referred to as the Y generation, generation me, or Echo Boomers and Peter Pan generation (Bolton et al. 246). The culture is a mixture of different cultures due to the influence that generations have experienced over several years.

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The culture norms and traditions comprise of a significant percentage of the practices that the people in this group engage in their daily activities. In my cultural group, we believe that there is communal strength in us working together. Hence people handle each other with a lot of respect and seriousness in the name of togetherness. This concept makes most members of generation x come together when they need to play, or when we want to pass a message to the authority. We value parents so much and recognize them as people who should be taken care of by the whole community. For this reason, everyone is responsible for having proper relations with any parent hence can show high levels of respect despite the fact that they are related or not.

My culture recognizes women as very special people in the community especially the mothers. It is because they are the ones who takes care of the family hence are regarded as leaders. They give proper direction to the children and offer their care till they mature. They are also responsible for making the necessary adjustments in their homes to make every member of the family feel comfortable. They make living easy. Spending time with family members is one of the most common ways that we use to bond with one another. We value the concept of time and use the resource in keeping each other company so as to foster the connections between us. Participating in recreational activities such as hiking, fishing and boat riding as a team are some of the events that keep us together as a collective unit (Bolton et al. 252).

We frequently make use of a language that is unique when we want to communicate to each other. It becomes easy for us to communicate with each other since the tongue enhances understanding. According to Bland et al., people in this generation understand messages passed at a faster rate. It is evident in the lyrics of songs written by the young artists. Modern English is the common means of communication and has had a lot of influence in how the millennial generation of our cultural group talks. The impact of how we speak is massive. The language has been used in many pieces of literature especially in many song books.

My culture values each and every person in the community as well. Accordingly, every individual has a role to play and is equally important as any other regardless of the difference in their economic status, the level of education, or gender. Peoples` political and social opinions do not matter as long as we have each others back. We have very strong unions between friends.

Every member of the society is considered important as he/she is a part of a large entity. Protecting the members of the family is a thing we value so much in our culture. The members of the family do whatever is necessary to keep everyone safe. The bond is unyielding, and family ties are hard to break quickly. It is everyone`s duty to the family to protect the legacy and reputation of the household and the lives of the members too. It strengthens the sense of belonging to all individuals as well as of the community as a whole. Bland et al. also indicates that kinship in my culture is greatly upheld. Grandmothers have a significant role to play in the families. They often step in place of the parents when they are not present. The Grandmothers are the people who take care of the children when their mothers do not fulfill their duties.

The fear of substance abuse is a concept that in our culture. For many years the millennial age group has been associated with irresponsibility. The society has worked hard in eradicating this notion of the people from my culture. Educating the young people on the dangers of drugs abuse is the standard step that the government does to keep away the young people from indulging in them. Despite the fact that my culture does not identify itself with physical discipline, it does not tolerate bad behaviors hence parents are very strict, but affection keeps us on track. We are grounded whenever we misbehave.

One of the common misleading ideas regarding this culture is that its people have been made to appear as persons who only seek attention from others (Bolton et al.). This remark has been there for a very long time. It has been thought so because the millennial age group has made it appear like the truth due to their activities. The members of this cultural group are often thought to be of the characteristic of wanting to dominate in everything which is not true. The idea destroys the image of the millennial age group. Also, the millennial age group is thought to be violent in nature and very unpredictable. It is a false assumption which has not only damaged the reputation of members but also made some of them identify themselves with the bad characteristic. It has been suggested that members from my generation have been thought to be obsessed with their personalities and it is not an actual trait of the people in this cultural background (Bolton et al.). It is a remark made by writers who do not know the real characteristics of my culture.


Being a member of this cultural group has helped me realize that I can be a leader. The culture has empowered me with confidence that I am a part of a large community and can prosper in all endeavors that I put my mind into regardless of how complex they appear. I can now make sound decisions and judgments concerning various issues in my life. The self-belief instilled in me has helped me wisely choose my friends, hobbies, and interests. It has eliminated the many disappointments that haunt us as we go through our regular activities every day. It is a culture that I am not only proud to be associated with but also I love it too.

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