Latinos in Higher Education - Report Sample

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Date:  2024-01-11


The paper explains the changes that have happened to the Latino community and the challenges faced by the students are they pursue their education. The purpose of the article is to explain the progress that has been taken in ensuring that minority groups such as the Latino community is able to overcome the challenges of accessing higher education. The article is relevant to the topic because it focuses on challenges faced by the Latino community that has led to fewer people accessing higher education.

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Latinos and College Access

The theory explains the trends of access to higher education among the Latino community. The purpose of the article is to make the readers know the trend of access to education among the Latino community, which helps in planning on the best policies to improve access to higher education. The journal also focuses on the trends in order to understand the factors that make people unable to access education. The trends also help in identifying the vulnerable people in the society, and therefore measures can be to ensure there is no group of people among the Latino community. Policies can be developed to make community access education as a whole. The trends also show the colleges that the students prefer hence measures can be taken to improve the facilities.

Latino Males' Success at Community Colleges

The purpose of the paper is to explain the importance of having higher literacy levels in the community, as seen in the Latino community, where the Latino community has had low literacy levels over the years. The content of the article includes the success story of the Latino community where the community college has partnered with the Latino community to improve the literacy levels. The audience of the article is the education stakeholders, where the article makes them understand the impact of community college on the community. The topic of the article is relevant to community college with the strengths of the article, including the article using data from the community being investigated. The data is a strength because it can be used to solve community challenges in education. The weakness of the journal is that it does not address the challenges likely to be faced by linking the findings to different communities.

Latinos in Higher Education

The paper explains the trends of Latino youth in accessing higher education; community colleges focus on offering employment opportunities to Latino people. The number of Latino youth has increased over the years, were more Latino youth are pursuing higher education. The article argues that the increase in access to college education is caused by the increased unemployment rate, where the Latino believes the increased unemployment rate in the community is caused by lack of skills that are required to get employment opportunities. Community colleges understand community needs; therefore, the community college has been able to offer Latino community education services that are tailor-made to the Latino community. Latino students have financial challenges because the parents of the students are not employed; hence they cannot support their children in their higher education. The community college offer subsidized offers to students from vulnerable families.


Thus, this paper discusses the challenge of Latinos' access to College, emerging trends, and future directions. Latino is the largest non-white ethnic group in the United States, but their representation in higher education is disproportionate. The gap between the Latinos and the whites who attend colleges, therefore, is widening. This is attributed to high rates of school dropout among Latinos. Only approximately 54 percent of the Latino high school students complete high school. The small number of Latino students who proceed to higher education is also attributed to the underrepresentation of males of Latin origin. Latino students mostly attend community colleges and undertake undergraduate programs.


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