Cross-Cultural Quantitative Research

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Quantitative is the measure of the quantity or mass of different subjects and it does not measure the quality of the researched matter. Quantitative data measurements can be written down in numbers like height and weight. In the old days, there were specialized artisans who used to do the research individually by interacting directly with the people of the cultural process being researched. Nowadays research is done by use of questionnaires and use of large scale in the community done by research companies by sampling. These changes have led to cultural scientists who conduct the researches and weigh the volume of the research. There are quantitative methods that are used to collect data by use of mathematical measurements then recording.

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Cross-cultural research mostly tries to understand human behavior in certain communities. Culture is very diverse and communication is usually the biggest barrier because different cultural communing have different languages. It is very important to use the right skills or understand the community being researched. You should use the right communications skills to get the right response. Most researchers use the help of translators. Christian scholars believe and argue that religion should be fully involved or combined with cross-cultural research because religion is part of people's lives. Religion is a very big influencer of peoples ways of living among independent self all over the world. From the ancient days, the culture had beliefs which governed the community so religion is part of the culture. The culture forms or shapes religion in the community (Adcock, R., & Collier, D. (2001)

According to non-religious scholars whether religiosity scales have the same meaning when oversee cross-culturally is still not proven. Quantitative research has four main ways or methods that are used. They are; experimental design, correlational design, causal-comparative design, and survey design. Experimental design is used in a research study to define the cause and effect between groups of treasuries using scientific methods. The correlational design uses statistical methods to explain the relationship between treasuries while casual-comparative design defines the cause and the effect between two or more treasuries. The survey design is used to establish or explain the current value of a treasury, this data is usually collected by observation.

How Christians Conduct Cross-Cultural Quantitative Research

Christian scholar-researcher conducts their researches different from other scholars but they have some similarities in statistical research method. Christian scholars do their research with important but their informed is influenced statistically and spiritually while university scholar-researcher will only major on statistics. The characteristic classification of Christian scholar-researchers is to carry out a worthy standard, experimental and meaningful research. There are three qualities that a Christian quantitative researcher should have. First they should have a paranormal calling from God to be researchers, secondly they should engage their selves wholesomely to what they are to research about, the research itself and how they are to go on with the research and finally a Christian researcher should have a clear view of the world according to and referring to the bible scriptures, teachings, and concepts. According to William Monge (2001), statistical significance is the probability of collecting the observed outcome being adequate to stage a platform for an elimination of the general statement in research (pg.67). The distinction is the quality that is used in quantitative research and mostly by Christian researchers, it should be statistically relevant only that Christian researcher's relevance is based both statistically and spiritually unlike other scholars who are only statistically relevant. The most important measure used in quantitative research is the statistical relevance which other scholars utmost use. Christian scholars also use the biblical account of magnitude.

Statistical Significance

According to Peeters (2016) while summoning the delusion in presuming that the last word in quantitative research is statistical magnitude. By coordinating the outcome with practical magnitude, experimental magnitude proceeded the statistical significance hence "substantive significance" (pg83). General interpretation guidelines are encouraged together with benchmarking and minimally important difference according to (Peeters, 2016). According to Kuhberger et al, (2015) researchers question the importance of the effect size because of the effect of the sample size in outlining the statistical magnitude. Researchers are summoned to pitch deeper in expounding meaningful results as opposed to hiding behind sampling errors Gross (2015) while summoning the traditional dialogue centered on statistical magnitude. According to Gross (2015) statistical magnitude is a very important virtue or procedure in quantitative measurements there are more issues that are to be considered when determining what is large, big or magnitude in decision making when talking about magnitude in research. The spiritual understanding of the statistical magnitude is a must have quality by a Christian research scholar hence enabling them to bring more to the table. A Christian quantitative research scholar will understand more and deeper than just measures of objects. According to Sawyer (1983) not only what is important in the determinacy of quantitative research should not only be in terms of measurements only. Other scholars conclude their research statistically and only by use of measurements but Christian scholar-researchers go deeper doing their research. Christian scholars do their research in standardized ways and ways that will affect society positively and influencing them in a Godly way. In statistical magnitude, data is collected fairly fast and the information collected in an equalized manner and according to the bible you should conduct everything fairly as that's what's God expects of us as we are all equal in his eyes (Peeters, E. T(2009).

The Biblical Account of the Magnitude

Nothing is impossible in the lord. He works in mysterious ways and does miracles where seemed nothing can be done. When Abraham and Sarah received three visitors (gen, 18) Sarah was very doubtful and questioning about getting a child at her old age because normally it was statistically incorrect but God proved himself because she eventually delivered a bouncing baby boy. God is not held by differences and probabilities and in the same way, Christian scholarly researchers work in the same way because they have Gods spirit with them and they work according to what God would expect them to do, unlike other scholars who look only on probability or what they believe is possible. In God everything is possible. The identity of the visitors is not clearly revealed but they carry the qualities of prophets and holy divine personnel's sent by God to deliver a message. Magnitude or significance is shown in the way Abraham handles the visitors and the whole situation and in the same way that's how Christian quantitative research scholars handle situations in the research unlike other scholars (Wilkerson, J. M., & Gerdes, D. L. (2015).

Christian quantitative research scholars get tested during their research by subjects that go against their beliefs. They have the power from God which is the Holy Spirit which helps them to overcome these challenges. The three visitors who were Gods sent angles to represent him rose up and were about to leave Abrahams place when they expressed their concern towards Sodom which had turned to be an immoral place where people practiced abnormal sexual experiences. According to Genesis(18:17), the Lord our God preferred not to tell Abraham that he was about to punish the people of Sodom because he knew how he cared and would pity the people and he would not like the idea because his own family was there too. God wanted Abraham to be familiar with his just ways because he was a passage that he had planned to bless the people with. God tested Abrahams faith and trust in believing in him and his faith towards him but he understood that Gods thinks in different ways and has a good plan in everything he does. Same in quantitative research by Christian's scholars their faith and beliefs are tested on many occasion but act just like how Abraham did and gets a perfect outcome. They solve matters of how God would expect them to and gather motivation from Abraham's case. Other scholars just do their research without caring about anything because scientific research doesn't care about spiritual beliefs but just results and outcome.

Christian's quantitative research scholars are considerate on how to treat situations and they also get guidance from God. When God wanted to punish Sodom and Gomorrah, Abraham was resistance and wanted God to be considerate because he is a God of mercy and tried to cut a deal with him. God then told him that if they would find fifty righteous people in Sodom he would spare them. Abraham wanted God to do what is right by punishing the righteous together with the sinners according to Gen(18).in this case there is dialogue and statistics which Christian quantitative scholars use in their research, unlike other scholarly researchers. Christian quantitative researchers are supposed to be fair, honest, trustful and just in their research and deliver truthful results.

In the spiritual word, Christians view things in different ways and these relate to Christian and other quantitative researchers. What seems to be right to other researchers may not be right to Christian researchers. Opportunities are interpreted differently by these two researchers. According to the Bible, the story of Abraham explains this clearly as we see that his nephew who was named Lot decided to stay in Sodom which was sinful and has many worldly opportunities for success but Abraham saw that differently. The statistical significance is seen here in numbers when Abraham was negotiating with God to save Sodom and Gomorrah if there were fifty righteous people. Abraham continued to negotiate with God until they came to ten righteous men to cover for the cities and in this case, we see that God uses quantitative significance when relating to his people. Christian quantitative researchers do the same in their work, unlike other scholars who normally don't negotiate to favors situations because of the spiritual significance relationship with a relational magnitude between them and God.

According to Monge (2005), the researcher gets statistical significance rejection only five times out of a hundred times which is only five percent. We see that God set a significant rejection region at ten people to represent two cities. According to statistical research, there were supposed to be two hundred people but it is not biblically correct because Gods standards are always higher and it reflects also in Christian quantitative researchers. According to the Bible and Christian education,, God cannot be limited and Christian scholars take these Qualities from God to conduct their research fairly. Other scholars don't carry these qualities so their way of conducting their research is, in this case, a little bit different. These two researchers conduct their research differently because of the force pushing them and their significance to their conscious.

A Christian quantitative scholar should have a very close relationship with God and should be well informed about how biblical teachings expect them to act in different cases whereas other scholars just need scientific statistical methods to conduct their research. Christian scholars show different qualities and charac...

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