Critical Essay on "Young Goodman Brown"

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Date:  2022-04-20


Nathaniel Hawthorne in the Young Goodman Brown story recounts young man's dream from Salem. The author comes to defining moments the evil spirits, Good Brown then observes the nature of evils in the human kingdom. The style of symbolism is used by the author throughout the Young Goodman Brown story. This story symbolizes the struggle between the evil and the good deeds, moreover, it is it represents the Puritan believes. Young Goodman lack or faith is therefore explored in different ways. This paper will emphasize the Authors use of symbolism in the story and the theme of Young Goodman Brown. Goodman doesn't realize his involvement in evil despite being dismayed by the evil. The tale explores the fine boundary between the good and the evil, moreover, it embodies the conflicts between conventionality and personal freedom. The author dictates the tale of a young man fighting normalcy and inner battles in many ways.

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The synopsis of this tale is sin and how the sin affects a human being. There are many ramifications that revolve around sin and hence mankind has to battle it. A reader of this story might feel that the theme of this tale is based on the falseness of the virtues of man and man is persuaded to do wrong through the power of the evil. The event begins when Faith, Goodman Browns wife pleads with him not to go for an overnight task but Goodman Brown goes away against her wishes. In the tale, Faith represents a symbol of hope and salvation for Goodman's return. Faith is a representation of love among the women and men, she also represents loyalty, faith, and love that she has for the Almighty. Therefore, when Goodman parts with the wife, he leaves behind his faith in God and the good. At the beginning of the story, Faith has a vision through a dream and she warns her husband against leaving her, at this point, she is a dedicated partner. Goodman Brown seeks for redemption form his husband after he is visited by the devil. He is convinced that he will make up with his wife when he comes back. His fight with the evil is greater than his realization. Goodman promises to return home a soon as he can despite the dark night, he insists that he must attend the passage. However, his journey was full of fear and guilt based on his wife's words as he was afraid of parting her. Goodman is greeted with the shadows as he makes his way into the forests.

Different characters accompany him on this journey, for instance, he a man offers him a staff that resembles a snake, which he declines. Goodman meets with Cloyse who offers him help with a staff which he also rejects. Goodman encounters various scenarios, in the forest, however, when he wakes up the following morning he becomes unable to distinguish the reality from dreams. He lives as a distrusting man and a miserable life due to his experience in the woods.


After Goodman's return to the village, his thoughts make him judge everyone instantaneously and feel as if he is better than the other members of the community. His life is ruined because he is unable to live with others and inability to face the truth. Through the dream, his mind is planted with doubts that make him depressed and cut from the rest of the world. From an ethical point of view, he is unable to recognize what is real or not, hence his world is stunned. Brown is caught in an illogical and emotional dilemma as he doesn't have any person he can turn to or even believe. In the end, Goodman lives a lonely life as he is shattered by his fascinations. He could only have saved himself for not using the dark path.

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