Critical Essay on Limited Frame of Reference

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Date:  2022-07-25


In the essay "Limited frame of Reference", the author argues that personal perception is attributed to the level of the accumulated body of knowledge and the wealth of experiences in life. According to the author in the article "Limited frame of reference" sensory stimuli makes human beings understand or create perceptions of the abstract form of the world they live in by characterizing the interpretation of their prior knowledge in relation to their beliefs, preferences, culture, and values to create meaning to frames of judgmental understanding and biases.

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The author explores the limit of framed references to the critical thinking derived from perceptions individuals or a group of cultured society perceives to explain the circumstances they find themselves in without making any credible referencing to secondary knowledge. The level of acquired knowledge and information gives a certain individual's ways of interpreting and understanding the thing they encounter in life. It is important to understand the background information and individual possesses and their level of ignorance to the frame of reference they are exposed to understand the cause of action, beliefs, understanding, perceptions, and decision making concepts.

Different people perceive the situations they are indifferently and explore the innovative surroundings differently depending on the framed references they have been exposed to. For instance, in the article, the author exemplifies the difference in perception of people living somewhere in native Africa will refer to an airplane as a big bird in reference to the only thing they are cultured to perceive have the ability to fly high in the sky is just the "big bird". In the same line of thought, the author brings the aviation intelligent personnel will perceive and explain the "big bird" differently based on the technical understanding of the industry.

Framing is thus essential in the consideration of changing the mindset of our understanding and connection to the real world through subconscious frames of references. The absence or limited frame of reference hinders people from critical thinking and logical understanding of complex situations that will require expounded understanding or "rich and accurate frames of reference". Commonly, decision-making processes and problem-solving abilities are handled differently among different characteristics of people because of the level of framed reference within their exposure and acquired body of knowledge. For instance, it may sound very straightforward for individuals with the prior architectural knowhow to solve a building and construction emerging concern while it may be hectic for a person of limited or lacking any framed reference in the same field to make a basic decision or come up with articulate solutions for such problems. In this line of thought, the philosophy of life is defined based on the level of framed references a particular group of individuals possesses as well as their perception and beliefs attributed to certain situations in life.

Application of knowledge in career and professional field require the acquisition of necessary frame of reference to tailor the individual to understand the key elements that drive the technicality of the profession. It is necessary to reframe the common persuasions on the subconscious frames of references an individual acquires or is exposed to increase their professionalism and relevance in the job market. Especially in the service industry, the competition is quantified of the competence and accuracy of exercising framed references to the best of customer satisfaction making an individual stand out in the cloud. In other words, reframing of the limited frame of reference helps overcome the obstacle of enclosed thinking, perceptions, and beliefs that hinder progression. Alternative consideration in increasing or expanding the body of knowledge gives a new philosophy of understanding and viewing situational references and creating possible new meaning the revitalized systems of understanding and exposure. Understanding the expanded frame of reference to peculiar information does not only require expanded reading or social restructuring but, it also needs critical exposure to new experiences to increase the firsthand experience and know-how on certain situations to grow or reframe the level and extent of the frame of references.

Potentially, understanding the concept of a limited frame of reference helps explore the level of ignorance, naivety, and unexposed an individual is subjected to. Not knowing something does not necessary that the person is uncultured, backward, ancient or illiterate, the level of framed reference in individuals differed and it does not necessarily have to mean that to be educated or literate you must have exposure to all potential knowledge in the universe. Coincidentally, the people we perceive to have a limited frame of knowledge in certain subjects could be the source of reference in their own customized field of understanding. Therefore, each human being has their level of an obstacle in the limitation of framed references based on the potential subject at hand.


In summary, it is essential to understand that the limitation of framed references is the level of knowledge, beliefs, values, perception possessed by an individual on any subject matter they are addressing. Different people will give differing reference to explain different objects because of their framed reference. The sensory stimuli that enable an individual to accumulate a body of knowledge and experience help them give meaning to life based on their individualized understanding.

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