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Corporate visual identity helps to create and to maintain a company's corporate image. Therefore the color and the design of a company's logo plays a key role in establishing a corporate image that customers can relate and associate with. Color and design help to create meanings of logos, which helps in building a consistent corporate image. Consumers can make judgments regarding an image of a company based on its logo design. Logos are used by companies as symbols that visually represent their target market (Wheeler, 2013). The representation can be hidden, direct, or abstract. Designers aim to create a logo that creates a public image desired by an organization. A logo helps to create business values. To convey a message, a logo design have to be simple, suitable, versatile, and memorable. This paper intends to create two different Logos for a company operating in the US and intending to open a subsidiary in India. The logos are different because customers in these two countries are attracted by different things.

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The first logo is created for the American target market. A logo assists a company in portraying the values it stands for, as well as its heritage. The best design is the one that genuinely represents the brand identity. This logo because it seems to appeal to the American target market.

The color used in this Logo is blue, which indicates wisdom, sophistication, spirituality, and respectability. Many healthcare organization uses blue color because it portrays confidence and professionalism. It also inspires healing and calmness. It is a color that is associated with the ocean and the sky and therefore inspires feelings of trust and spirituality.

The logo has a large size to help people notice it and therefore associate it with the company. The Logo has an icon of the razor in the middle, which is green, indicating that the hospital will employ such tools to bring healing and peace to patients. Further, it also has a beautiful flower design with an orange color, which is a welcoming sign to all those who intend to visit the institution (Slade, 2015).

The logo also welcomes all patients to the institution through its words that the institution seeks to provide health to all. Icons, as well as symbols, are employed for successful brand messaging. Symbols and icons tend to speak an auxiliary language compared to text. Therefore, interpreting a symbol requires the use of wide scope. Icons are concepts or ideas that a company wishes to portray and spread (Airey and O'Reilly Media Company, 2014).

The iconic meaning is tranquility and wellness. It also signifies that the healthcare institution is dedicated to using the right tools to treat people.

The color green used in this Logo represents calmness and a connection to nature. This color can be used by companies looking to have a fresh start as well as security. It can be used to promote health, fertility, nature, and tranquility.

The size of the Logo is important as it serves to make it appealing and recognizable. It is a memorable icon that is illustrative. The design includes a symbol as well as text, which is an innovative way of presenting a logo that has the meaning and image of the company.

The Logo has an Icon of an Electrocardiography (ECG) and a heart. The instrument is used in measuring the frequency of the heart rate. This icon is important as it reflects what the hospital will be dealing with because it will be more concerned in ensuring that people are healthy (Kir, 2020).

The American and Indian target audiences may respond differently to Logos. This is because people have different cultures and values that make them more sensitive to particular information, products, and brands. People in America are attracted to brands based on their beliefs and traditions. The products have to be genuine and real and provide value for money. On the other hand, the beliefs, traditions, religion play a great role in influencing what Indian customers purchase. It is, therefore, essential to pay attention to the different preferences of the two target markets to ensure that the most appropriate strategies are used for marketing the company.


In conclusion, a logo is an important branding tool that is used by companies to differentiate itself from others. Therefore a logo requires the input of innovative designers who can create a symbol and an icon that is memorable and able to market the company. In the American and Indian markets, there is a need to use two different logos that match the beliefs, culture, and preferences of the target customers to ensure that it is effective. The size, color, symbol, and the icon play a great role in creating a strong logo that is useful and successful in the market. The logo has to appeal to consumers in both of these countries so that the company can sell its products and services. A company's logo is used to sell the values of an organization and is, therefore, necessary for every organization.


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