Contribution of Immigration to the American Culture Essay

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Date:  2022-05-17

Bulman, Robert. "Hollywood goes to high school: Cinema, schools and American culture." (2015). Bulman addresses how Hollywood, which has dramatically been dominated by African Americans, for instance, it has significantly influenced the American culture and had children flow their passion among other cultures which keep changing. This helps understand the immigration and the impact it has on the American culture

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Crane, Diana. Fashion and its social agendas: Class, gender, and identity in clothing. University of Chicago Press, 2012. Crane covers the influence immigrants have had on fashion, this capture widely on Black Americans style of fashion and how it hasdominated the American culture.

Horowitz, Joseph. Classical music in America: A history of its rise and fall. WW Norton & Company, 2005. In this book, Horowitz defines the ecstatic reception of the New York premiere of Antonin Dvonrak's the New York Symphony. The classic music which was a collection of symphony gathered from the native Americans chant and the African American melodies. This till date has shaped the classical music culture of America. This book helps in the understanding of the American classical music culture.

Kanter, Kenneth Aaron. The Jews on Tin Pan Alley: The Jewish Contribution to American Popular Music, 1830-1940. Ktav Pub Inc, 1982. Kanter covers the life of Al Jolson and his contribution to the popular music in the American culture. Many iconic American singers of the twentieth century were greatly influenced by the type of music Al Jolson played. These include Bing Crosby, Tony Nennet Eddie Fisher among other artists. Kanter's work will help me gain more ground on the American music culture and the impact the disowned immigrant had to contribute.

Peretti, Burton W. The creation of jazz: Music, race, and culture in urban America. Vol. 82. University of Illinois Press, 1994. Peretti book covers on the African American musical tradition which was the improvisation of Jazz music. This became the foundation of most of the American band music which was a shift in the music culture by most of the American band such as Benny Shaw. They borrowed ideas from the African American Jazz music. The helps me understand the shift in the music culture in late 1930 in America.

Phinney, Jean S., et al. "Ethnic identity, immigration, and wellbeing: An interactional perspective." 2001. The great cultural diversity that has been integrated into the American culture is unmatched with any other country, the multiple races, cultural exchange among other interactions between the American natives have enhanced the understanding of multiple cultures resulting to the formation of a diverse culture. This helps me analyze the different cultural diversifications within America due to the immigrants in the country.

Spergel, Mark. Reinventing Reality: The Art and Life of Rouben Mamoulian. No. 37. Scarecrow Press, 1993. Spergel covers the life of Mamoulian pioneered the modern broadway musical. This has since then been adapted to the American culture; thebook help connects my work with the origin of some of the most respected cultures in America.

Stodolska, Monika, and Jennifer S. Livengood. "The influence of religion on the leisure behavior of immigrant Muslims in the United States." Journal of Leisure Research 38.3 2006. Stodolska addresses some of the most sensitive matters such the influence fo the American culture by immigrants. Some of these have influenced different celebrations cultures celebrated; this involves the analysis of some cultures such as the Muslim celebration cultures that have been integrated into their culture.

Winokur, Mark. American Laughter: Immigrants, ethnicity, and 1930s Hollywood film comedy. Macmillan, 1996. From Winokur points out the role played by the immigrant children in creating the most popular music known in America. This helps my research understand more twentieth-century music culture in America and the role the immigrants had in crafting the American culture.

Wilder, Billy, and Cameron Crowe. Conversations with Wilder. Alfred a Knopf Incorporated, 1999. This helps us get to learn the story behind some of the most viewed movies in America. Billy Wilder scriptwriter and an immigrant wrote some of the best scripts such as the Double indemnity, Fortune cookie among other legendary movies which shaped the American culture. The book gives enlightenment of what it took being an immigrant in America back then.

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