Consumer Target Audience

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Date:  2022-08-10

Warren Buffett is one of the potential residential consumers of green products in the US. In his recent public declarations, Buffet announced that he is ready to put significant investments in green products. Currently, Buffet is the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Incorporation that uses clean energy sources like wind power. To contact him, send him a direct email to [email protected] or call him directly 1-402-346-1400. You can also send a message through the company's website

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Chad Brooks is another potential US-based residential consumer of green energy products. As a graduate, Brooks has extensive knowledge of the environmental best practices, strategies of creating a clean environment, and appropriate methods of solving climate change. Following his vast experience of ecological conservation, Brooks uses green energy products. You can email him at [email protected]. Rogers is also a potential residential customer of green energy products in the US. She has a Master's degree in Environmental Management and numerous years of experience in environmental consulting where she has acted in various capacities. Because of her vast experienced and knowledge on environmental protection, she adopts green energy products to ensure a clean environment. You can contact her or follow her through her Twitter account @ sustain brands or send her an email through [email protected].

As both a residential and commercial consumer, Kohl incorporation is a retail company that stocks a wide range of products such as clothing, kitchen items among others. The enterprise understands the need to save energy and ensures a clean environment. As such, it uses green energy products to ensure clean environment free from pollution. One can reach out to the enterprise through its official website, or mobile number 855-564-5705. At the same time, suppliers who are willing to contact the enterprise can do so by sending an email to [email protected].

Larry Ellison, an entrepreneur and an executive chairman of Oracle Corporation is another potential residential consumer of green products. Ellison has an impressive and massive plan of constructing a power grid comprising of a mix of photo- tech, and wind to demonstrate that green energy products are quite economical. To contact him, call him through mobile phone: (800) 633-0738, Fax: (650) 633-1269. You can message him using the company's website:


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