Conditions of a Lease Contract - Report Sample

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Date:  2021-06-28

Before a tenant resides in a rental house, rules and conditions are set by both the owner/agent of the premise and some by the government which act as a guideline for the execution of the contract between the resident and the owner/agent for the period that the contract will last. These conditions are normally made in writing and signed by both the resident and the owner binding them both to the terms of the contract. This essay will discuss some conditions available for a lease agreement namely terms of the tenancy, non-compliance fees, and conduct prohibited within the premises.

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Tenancy can take two forms which are either month-to-month terms or in a specified lease period. In the case of a month-to-month tenancy, several conditions apply for both the resident and the owner/agent of the premises. First, either party can terminate the contract by providing 30 days written notice in the first year of tenancy. Second, the resident can give 30 days written notice to the owner after the first year of occupancy. Third, the agent/owner can terminate the tenancy by providing 60 days written notice after the first year of the contract. On the conditions that the rental agreement is on a fixed term lease, the resident is required to the owner/agent at least thirty days notice prior the expiration of the term of the lease. Failure to this notice will lead to the terms of the contract changing to month-to-month tenancy with the terms and conditions associated with it. This term of a rental agreement is vital as it gives residents the alternatives to choose from depending on their accommodation needs.

To ensure that every resident in the premise lives comfortably in a conducive environment, the rental agreement outlines some of the conducts that are prohibited for all the tenants. One, a resident or members of his household are not allowed to conduct criminal acts on or near the premise that would pose a threat to the people in or around the premise. They should not permit an individual that has been prohibited from the property by the owner. No resident is allowed to breach any county or federal laws in the premise, and if one is convicted of a crime while staying on the premises that would contain grounds for denial as provided by the screening and admission criteria, this forms reasons for termination of the tenancy.

If tenants have violated some terms of the agreement, the contract allows for non-compliance fees to be applied. This fee is applicable in situations such as late payment of a service or utility owed by the tenant to the owner, failure to keep the premises clean in designated areas, violations of parking rules and the improper use of vehicles inside the premises, and unauthorized keeping of a pet or any other habit such as smoking which could cause harm to other residents or property. The owner may in the first instances of non-compliance issue a warning notice for the violation, but on subsequent violations occurring within one year following the warning, he is entitled to affect a non-compliance fee as stipulated in the contract terms. This rental agreement condition serves to keep all the residents in a peaceful environment for a harmonious co-existence.

In conclusion, these provisions are very critical for every tenant and rental property owner/agent as they foster an easier co-existence during the term of the tenancy.

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