Comparison Essay Example: Advantages and Disadvantages of iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy 7s

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Date:  2021-03-24

Various features make iPhone 7 to be of more advantageous in the market compared to other phones. For once, it has a certified IP67 which allows the phone to resist water and dust. It allows the resistance to last up to 1 meter and 30 minutes. It is known to have LED IPS LCD, 16M colors and a capacitive touchscreen ("5 advantages and 5 disadvantages of iPhone 7 from the users perspective, Android", 2016). It has a big screen that enables the user to watch the video and also play video games. It contains a high resolution that is responsible for display clarities. It has got 4G bands instead of 3 with a speed of 42.2/5.76 Mbps. In the case of tracking, it contains GPRS and the EDGE. It provides sound alert, gives iCloud services together with a document editor.

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Though iPhone 7 has got numerous advantages, it also has some disadvantages. Some flaws of iPhone 7 are the fact that its cameras clarity and color production might not be better like expected. They can even be outdone by a Samsungs camera (Devendra, 2016). IPhone has got no memory card support, a feature that has now been very dependent on people as they move into the digital era. With places that have low internet speed, things like cloud backup cannot work thus unreliable. It has no dual sim, and people have been looking forward to an iPhone that can accommodate two sim card at the time.

Samsung has been rationalizing its production by focusing on more cost-effective marketing so that they can produce a useful device. Samsung Galaxy 7 is the largest version that has come with a stylus inside. It allows someone to scribe something with a pen ("Forbes Welcome," 2016). It has been reported that Galaxy Note 7 is a beauty sharped edge that makes one comfortable to hold making it the most favorable to go for. It has a big inch display, and with the help of the S, Pen one gets to take down the important information quickly ("Forbes Welcome," 2016). The screen and the pen allow the user to pin notes as often as they would like and making quick references. It has the right waterproofing and dust features together with the pen. Its camera is perfect since it has the f/1.7 lens and a dual pixel sensor for security purposes.

Just like it has advantages, it doesn't lack some flaws too. With the first batch of Galaxy note seven being released, they had problems with the battery overheating and therefore there was a postponing of the next release (Reddy, 2016). They had issues that the public kept complaining about like exploding units. The problem was caused by the imbalance in the lithium-ion batteries. Galaxy Note 7 also came as a noun- removable battery device which was a bit heavy to carry. It had no FM radio that supported it. Therefore, it made the public disappointed.


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