Comparing Healthcare Solutions: Choosing the Best Management Vendor - Research Paper

Paper Type:  Research paper
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Date:  2023-04-26


Health information management is the process through which medical information that enables the provision of quality patient care is acquired, analyzed, and protected from unauthorized parties. HIM vendors are providers of health information management systems that are involved with installation, training, and management of the methods to ensure optimal service delivery. This paper compares two health management vendors and recommends the best between them.

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Complete Healthcare Solutions and eHealth Technologies are the best-known Health Information Management across the globe. Complete Healthcare Solutions has three products that include UnifiMD Suite, UnifiMD Medical Billing Service, and UnifiMD PM. UnifiMD Suite is designed for independent providers (Gibbons, 23). It is user friendly and has the intelligence to rationalize patient care documentation. The second product is UnifiMD Medical Billing Service that focuses on patient payments. It reduces patient balances while UnifiMD PM provides patient scheduling, billing, patient demographics, and claims management for patients as well as reporting.

The second health vendor is eHealth Technologies that optimize clinical workflow for medical care continuity. It improves and provides diagnostic information on the patient referral process. During this time, the system securely retrieves, digitizes, and indexes all images and external medical records. The products of eHealth Technologies include eHealth Referral Solutions, eHealth Imaging Solutions, and eHealth Record Retrieval Service (Dobrzykowski and Vonderembse, 11). EHealth Referral Solutions enables constant communication with the referring physicians, thereby simplifying external image and record collection. EHealth Imaging Solutions has reduced the cases of lost films, non-viewable CDs, and pictures. At the same time, eHealth Record Retrieval Service solves the challenge of tracking referral care records within a short time.

EHealth Technologies offer much better services compared to the competitors. The services that took days can now be provided within a minute, like retrieving patient images and supports vital life-saving workflows like trauma (Heston, 8). It can share DICOM images that provide radiologists with free access to previous exams from exterior locations. It is for these reasons and many more that we recommend eHealth Technologies over other Health Information Management vendors.

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