Comparing Earth Science Exhibitions: American Museum of Natural History vs. Deutsches Museum

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Date:  2024-01-29

Paying visits to the American Museum of Natural History always makes one feel like it is a rite of passage for New York. Whether you are part of the students who are on an academic trip or a tourist, it's something like taking a break from the Bushwick scene. For many years, a lot of clients have been educated and entertained by the exhibitions that are found in the museum, but now it acknowledges that some of its exhibits have also offended. An exhibition of the diorama illustrates an imagined 17th-century meeting between the Dutch settlers and the Lenape, a native tribe in America occupying New Amsterdam. Critics from the internet have said that dioramas illustrate the hierarchy of culture and not an exchange of culture. The fact that women did not put on impractical skirts, is something that pulled them backward. Critics suggested that the canoes would have been placed in the water next to the ships of Europeans. Later the museum added ten labels to identify issues with the diorama and made corrections to the records. This was done after a group of protesters urged the museums to acknowledge how understated some people were represented. However, the group has assured that a lot needs to be done. It asked the museum to re-evaluate other exhibitions and to move a statue of Theodore Roosevelt outside the building. The Milstein family hall of Ocean Life exhibit illustrates our underground companions' complex and diverse beauty in a fully immersive marine environment. The blue whales have been run down to almost becoming extinct, and this is the reason why the museum's blue whale serves as a reminder of how responsible we should be toward our environment and its constituents. However, many people who have visited the place have found it exciting. Again, most criticized the museum after realizing that the blue whale exhibition was not a real whale but just a fiberglass model. There is also an exhibition Beyond Earth. This involves the visualization of distant planets, fascinating missions to space, and scenes that are breathtaking showing how the solar system evolved. It tells the story of the surprisingly dynamic nature of the worlds that share our solar system and the specific conditions that make life on Earth possible. The viewers are taken on a journey that is several miles beyond our blue planet to have a look at the latest discoveries from our cosmic neighbors. There are also some permanent exhibitions such as the Hall of Biodiversity. This Hall depicts the beauty of planet Earth and its abundance of life, underlining the biodiversity and the factors that threaten it.

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The Deutsches Museum, located in Germany, is the world's largest museum for science and technology. It holds over 28000 objects from over 50 fields of science and technology, and all of its exhibits are worth seeing. Despite having a wide range of scientific exhibits, there are critics that some exhibitions never worked as per the expectations of the many who paid a visit to the museum. Some equipment was old and inefficient, and also some claimed that the instructor who was in charge of the foundry process was not well experienced. An exhibition of Material basis of technical progress, the museum's mining section consists of an itinerary roughly 400 m in length. Three-quarters of this is underground, and it provides a realistic impression of the atmosphere in the mine. The mining techniques used from the sixteenth century are shown, and it also offers an impressive picture of the conditions below the ground (Guschin et al.,1997). In the Extraction, molding, and application exhibit, the metals a man has used for over 10000 years ago are shown. The exhibition demonstrates how metallurgy developed and the essential metal-shaping process in historical sequence from the Stone Age to the modern age. Despite the criticisms, some people had positive criticism, arguing that the exhibitions are well arranged and directly relate to the world's issues every day.


The two museums that are the museum of Natural History in New York and the Deutsches Museum for Science in Germany, have shown how they have tried to combat the problems related to earth science, minerals, and the environment through their various exhibitions. The exhibitions from the Museum of Natural History in New York are concentrated on dealing with the environment and earth science. Simultaneously, the Deutsches Museum is a science museum that majors in science, minerals, and the environment. The material represented for the Museum of Natural History exhibition in New York is mainly done virtually, while in the Deutsches Museum, most presentations are done practically and performed.


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