Compare and Contrast the Real Housewives With TV Show's Dynasty

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The dynasty TV show and the real housewives which are both TV series acted in the United States have a lot which they share in common. The similarity of the two comes in the way they are acted or rather the setting of the shows to the themes they convey about gender roles as it pertains women. The dynasty TV show has got a number of themes which it conveys and revolves around women and their roles in the society from ancient times to the present day. In this case, the gender roles identified in this TV show by the name dynasty are class, gender and the issue of capitalism amongst women (Mitchlin). The real housewives as seen to be a main show in the united states is as well not left out in addressing these issues and puts its focus specifically on women or rather is so much attached to the female gender in a big way. It tries to cover the lifestyles led by various women or those who are referred to as housewives and those who come from different parts or regional locations all across America.

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Comparison of the Dynasty TV Show and the Real Housewives

There are so many similarities which are evidently seen in the two and in this case the real housewives as acted in the United States and then the dynasty TV show. The themes which the two convey are so much related in that the main or focal point of coming up with such shows can be termed to be all the same. Actually, the similarities that do come in the two shows outdo the few differences in a big way. The two are both based on the United States where women are seen to lead some particular kind of lifestyle which raises concerns. The setting focuses on nearly all the parts of the United States and what the women living in these regions perceive and do. The lives of women are looked at in the perspectives of gender, capitalism, and class.


Based on class, the two shows reveal that women in the United States are living at a time where they are so much concerned with developing their class and rising to what they refer to as high-class lives. To them, a life of high standard is the main focus and each and every one of them strives to make sure that the lives they lead are beyond what others in the society cannot attain (Lee). This is what has brought problems in the present United States as women seem not to concentrate on the most important things but rather go for the simple and or complex things which they feel would dynamically improve their class rating in the society.


The two TV shows concentrate so much on the gender of women and what it really means in the United States today. Women are considering themselves and are being considered as so special today to an extent that they place no value on other genders but instead they all mind about themselves. (Mitchlin). This shows some gender biases in the society people are living in. women want to try as much as they can to ensure that their gender remains dominant over all the others at all times.


The shows again focus on the issue of capitalism among women in the United States. Capitalism in this case concerning women refers to a state in which women are striving to rise up and make sure that they own and control large firms privately in their locations for private gain at the expense of their governments (Lee). This as a theme that is embraced in the two shows depicts the fact that society is like has been taken over by women. The economy of the present day is being dominated by women who want to use this chance of owning large investments to standardize and lead lavish lifestyles with the ability to access and have all they want.

With all these themes being focused on the two shows, the position of women in society and specifically in the United States is evident. Women have come to a level whereby they believe that they can do everything by themselves and feel that they have all the ability and power bestowed upon them(Lee). This has even gone to the extent of making them want to exercise control over the male gender in several different ways.


However, despite all the similarities that are present in the text and the TV show dynasty, there still exists a few differences in the same.

The Setting

The TV show dynasty and the text in the real housewives are acted in different settings in the United States. Dynasty is acted in America as a soap opera which is acted in the American TVs. On the other hand, the real housewives are based on the united states and then it is an American franchise which is made up of a number of reality TV shows and it is broadcast on Bravo.

The real housewives are mostly based on the lifestyles which the women in the various parts of the united states are leading in terms of economic gains, power and wealth while on the other hand, the dynasty TV show does not focus on these alone. Instead, it has a greater fo9cus on life, love, and relationships between men and women. For example, in the dynasty TV show, Fallon Carrington is seen to be unhappy when he realizes that her father who is a billionaire has entered into a relationship with one of the employees at the family company who goes by the name Cristal(Mitchlin). She tries as much as she can to make sure that she separates this couple and her efforts do not bear fruit but instead, her plans and actions cost her promotion. This is not the case in the real housewives' text where women are seen to be the owners of all the big businesses and enterprises at the expense of men.


In the real housewives, the female gender is seen to be having more power than the male gender whereas turning to the dynasty tv shows, it is clear that men are taking lead in everything from business ownership to power (Lee). Men have authority over the women and are controlling them in nearly everything as it is seen in the case of Fallon Carrington and her father in the family company.


The characterization in the two is quite different. For the dynasty, there is incorporation of a large number of both male and female characters to convey the main point of the show while the real housewives is predominantly made of women as the main actors or rather characters and this works so to convey the idea of the power and lead that women and or female gender are having in the united states today.

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