Becoming a Professional Ballet Dancer

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Date:  2021-03-14

It is no debate that ballet dancers are a great source of entertainment. No matter what the occasion is, the rhythmical movements make ballet dancing extremely enjoyable. What we often seem to forget is the effort put by the dancers in order to be at prime shape for an electrifying performance. We are amazed by the accomplished version of the dancers without having in mind the journey they have gone through to reach such exquisite levels.

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Becoming a professional ballet dancer is not just something one can wake up and decide he/she is ready for the big stage. It takes commitment, courage and hard work to reach the elite level. A professional ballerina is simply someone with great passion and willpower to overcome the severe challenges associated with ballet dancing. This is a journey in which many people set out to follow merely because it is their dream but truth is that a very small percentage is able to succeed and achieve the levels worth recognition. It is obvious that professional ballet dancing is not for every living human being but for the fittest.

Dancers in general are a blend of artists as well as athletes. This is highly dependent on but not limited to talent. No matter how talented one is, exemplary success only comes when we go an extra mile. For a ballerina, this involves beginning training at an early age. Sacrificing some time to hit the gym to get a perfect body shape is not a recommendation but a must-do. This is a road of persistence following disappointment after disappointment. Many ballet dancers have come out to say that they began dancing at a very tender age. With time, they get to perfect their moves and for those who are lucky, they get recognition as early as during their teenage years. Others will bloom much later but majority will just give up and die (De Mille 39).

In the journey towards becoming a professional ballerina, it is important to understand that this type of dance is hard and there will always be someone perceived to be better. This is a path which also comes with setbacks in the form of injuries. The manner in which someone tackles such a situation determines whether he/she is fit to go professional (Anderson 28). It is common for most professional ballet dancers to have converted a setback into a setup for greatness.

Professional ballet dancing comes with fame. It is however true that not everyone will be happy for another person's gradual success. Handling such critics is a paramount skill and those who have mastered it do not suffer the conditions of bruised egos and self-esteem. We have mentioned that making sacrifices is important. Sacrifice includes occasionally having to work for little or no pay just to build a name and gain experience. Confidence is also key in this journey. (De Mille, 1963)

Ballet dancing is not all about individual brilliance but it is a team effort. For this reason, cohesion and ability to understand fellow teammates is important. In order to become a professional ballet dancer, the requirement is being able to synchronize moves with teammates (Anderson, 1992). To reach a professional level, a good trainer is needed and for this reason more art schools offering ballet dancing are being developed. With a good trainer, then the other ingredient is discipline. Maintaining high ethical standards is crucial in reaching the peak.

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