Compare and Contrast Essay on Paul Revere From the Movie Sons of Liberty and Real Life

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In the 1750s to 1760s, the British colonialism in the United States of America they imposed intolerable legislation that made the natives very angry and violent against the British loyalists. The opposition for subjected oppression and other inhuman acts made the natives form secret associations like the Loyal Nine and the Boston Tea Party to address the unlawful policies projected by the British rule. Similarly, the secret organization "Sons of Liberty" was well organized secret association to undermine the British rule in colonial America (Rodgers 114). The association was an underground network between the sons of liberty in Boston and New York with male membership from all walks of colonial society willing to cause trouble to the British administration following no representation in policy formulation and imposing. The Sons of Liberty were protesting the Stamp Act with their slogan "No taxation without representation". The membership included vocal revolutionists like Henry Bass, Joseph Field, George Trott, Samuel Adams, and Paul Revere among others. This resume will man a comparative analysis of the role played by Paul Revere to reality in the dramatized presentation of the movies covering the activities of the Sons of Liberty and the real events in life.

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In reality, Paul Revere lived between 21st December 1734 and 10th May 1818 (Rodgers 115). He was an early American silversmith as well as a vocal voice in the revolutionary movement against the British colonial rule in ancient America. Revere is popularly known his participation as a message in the Revolution on his ride to Lexington on the pending arrest of fellow Sons of Liberty, Samuel Adams, and John Hancock. His ride was also destined to alert the militia of the Sons of Liberty secret movement of the British's troops. Initially, Revere was a businessman but suffered financial ruin after the implementation of the Intolerable Acts pushing his to actively work of revolution organization as well as an intelligence and alarm system to tab on the British Military. Revere traveled hundreds of miles in his secret mission to promote to Revolution cause.

In the movie sons of Liberty, Paul Revere is presented as a courageous man. He is presented shouting for miles that "The British are coming!" though in real life he did not go shouting on the coming of the British military he played a significant role as an informer who traveled for many miles to alert the sons of Liberty as labeled rebels and a threat to the colonizers (Warner 51). Contrary, in the two accounts, both the movie and reality, Revere is presented as a rebel who rode his horse for many hours in his determination to disseminate the crucial information to his likes. Revere had made various accomplishments in his fictional role in the movie and also in reality which resulted in the overall objective of the Sons of Liberty to gain America's independence. His potential character gives him a viable position in the society to the persistence of moving on despite the challenges one is facing because he never gave up his mission even when the British military were very close he persisted to fulfill his goals.

Paul Revere was born and raised in Boston Massachusetts and schooled in the Boston's Old North Writing school. Being a third born in a family of twelve siblings and the oldest son he discontinued education after high schools and became an apprentice to his father. The reality of his early life presented numerous challenges and obstacles that influenced his later life and involvement in the revolution greatly. In his active involvement in the Boston Tea Party and being a vocal member in the sons of Liberty movement made his make significant choices in life leading to his being a rebel. Although in his real life revere faced various obstacles in his determination to alert his fellow sons of Liberty on the proceedings of the British military his determination and endurance to serve his people in delivering America from the colonial rule did not stop him. For instance, in one incidence six British officers caught up with Paul Revere when he was on the mission to go alert Samuel Adams and John Hancock of their intended arrest but, they later let him go without his horse and it was his main travel tool. These challenges did not hinder him from carrying on his mission because of his endurance and persistence nature. Through his heroic acts, Paul Revere was able to earn respect to men and women of his times and many American generations long after his demise because of his patriotic character and determination to do noble acts for the good of his country (Rodgers 146). Therefore his character representation both in real life and in the movie series sons of Liberty he makes a significant image of a countryman with passion and determination to protect his country and endure all odds to protect his own.

As a rebel learner of the sons of Liberty movement in the American rebellion against what they believe was unfair taxation by the British authority, Paul Revere earned a lot of respect from his colleagues in the group because of his potential balance and patience as well as his high dedication in drawing the bigger picture in their role in the revolution rather than capitalizing on the small events happening on the day-to-day basis in the American cities. In the presentation of the midnight ride and the struggles to fight the betrayal of one of their own both the movie and reality brings many similarities and different aspects representing the life lived by Paul Revere and the sons of Liberty in colonial America over two hundred years ago. Although the movie feature does not include all the events happening during the mid-night ride partaken by Revere to send an alarming message the real-life account shows finer details on the events that happened during the ride (Allison 34). Also some of the obstacles that revere faced during the ride rather than being caught by the six British officers in real life he also encountered some Indian bandits. Although the movie sons of Liberty present a lyrical perspective of Revere's life, the real presence of his true encounters in the activities of the Revolution caused was straight forward and factual. Again the movie editorial features exaggerate some of the scenarios which did not happen to Paul revere especially during the midnight ride in real life.


In conclusion, making a critical evaluation to compare and contrast the character of Paul Revere as presented in the movie Sons of Liberty and really brings out many common and different aspects presenting the recount of events that transpired between the leader rebel during the revolution. The primary activity that makes the character of Revere to stand out among other Sons of liberty was the midnight ride he took to send a warning message to his colleagues who were due for inhalation by the British military as well as to strengthen the movements of the secret groups. In both present in the movie and real life scenes, the emphasis of the character and role of Paul Revere differed in some ways but also has some similarities to show the relevance and determination of his character.

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