Shakespeare Studies: Power Corrupts Essay

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Date:  2022-05-09

Many are the times that the terms power and leadership are often used interchangeably. However, although their meanings are somewhat similar, there are a few notable differences between the two and it takes one with a keen eye for detail and a certain level of shrewdness to realize. The primary difference comes in the means of effect; in that, whereas power is defined as the exercise of leadership, leadership is inexistent without power. Power is the activity of administration, and authority is just characterized in the event that you have control. Authority dependably includes endeavors on a pioneer to influence the conduct or a supporter in a circumstance, while control isn't proportional to effect on someone else's conduct. In spite of the fact that power and initiative have comparative implications, they are sure contrasts that can call attention to what makes the differences. King Lear's character and decisions throughout the play is enough evidence of the corrupting effect of power.

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A detailed evaluation of power which is the mandate to do something in a particular way that one pleases and by means that they deem necessary, the person that comes to mind is Napoleon Bonaparte. Bonaparte ruled his kingdom by relying on his gut and decisions. Therefore, he had no problem engaging in war for the purposes of the kingdom's protection or growth. The management style employed was primarily power and anyone who dared argue with his perspective was shut down almost immediately. On the other hand, an excellent example of leadership in play is President Kennedy. Through leadership qualities and influence, he was able to challenge NASA to send a man to the moon. The difference comes in the sense that unlike power play, the act was purely voluntary and NASA felt accomplished achieving the same. Meanwhile, authority is being in a position to give an order or direction either through power or leadership. Whereas leadership is affiliated to positive effects of power, misuse of authority subsequently leads to abuse of power.

Power is the capacity to control and acquire whatever one wants; to do what one satisfies to manage without offering an explanation of the law. The power that ruins the characters assumes a broad part all through Shakespeare's play, King Lear. Goneril and Regan are ruined by the power that Lear offers them. It is evident that they are not in a capacity to handle that much power and upon being granted, they are unsure how to utilize it.

The power that Lear offers to Goneril and Reagan consumes them making them tricky and beguiling. Lear offers his territory to his little girls without thinking it through. In return, King Lear asks his little girls that they should swear their loyalty to him. Therefore, it is safe to say that King Lear corrupts the mind of the little girls and uses power to blackmail them. On the other hand, Goneril and Reagan take this as an opportunity to exploit their father and his power. For instance, at the point when Lear needs a place to stay, the little girls are reluctant to respond despite the fact that the place originally belonged to him. Although Goneril allows his father a place to stay, she is not happy and wishes him gone. In an attempt to make him leave, Goneril makes the environment unsuitable for him. Lear, in an attempt to influence him to take off, she gives the old man poor services. Regan is no better when Lear goes to her entryway searching for a place to stay; he is not warmly welcomed either. That if Lear needs to remain then he needs to surrender his devotees. The power debases them into slippery creatures, where regard and respect for their dad are less critical than their own particular prosperity. Goneril and Reagan profess their love for their father but the truth is, they only love the power he yields unto them. The approach that Lear uses to win the love of her daughters is very wrong and corrupt. The above can be evidenced when Lear had given the land to his girls, the power that they have defiled them.

The power that makes Edmund degenerate is trust. He utilizes the trust to control and control his dad for the advantage of himself. A good example is where he outlines his sibling by forming a false letter to his dad ensnaring a plot to murder Gloucester, that when our father would rest till I waked him, you ought to appreciate a large portion of his income forever. Gloucester answers with this antagonist of mine go under the forecast of mine: in so doing; there is a case of a child against father. This demonstrates Gloucester had awesome confidence and trust in his child Edgar. To better his arrangement he goes to Edgar and persuades him to flee. The possibility that he would outline his own sibling for the opportunity to pick up control demonstrates his defilement, and that he will successfully have more power. Edmund composes another letter, aside from this embroils his dad in a plot with France to slaughter The Duke of Cornwall. He does this with the goal that the more youthful ascents will fall and he will end up being the Earl. Edmund is so debased and blinded by his journey for control that he will risk his father's life for a possibility of being the Earl.

Outright power defiles completely with the characters Regan, Goneril, and Edmund. This power blinds them into seeing nothing aside from the mission for add up to control. Regan and Goneril increase supreme control over their father. Edmund's journey for control doesn't stop at any pace, he goes to the degree of letting Cornwall pluck out Gloucester poor old eyes for attempting to slaughter him. Edmund's supreme power ruins him into a beguiling, misleading individual to pick up however much control over his family as could reasonably be expected. Supreme power defiles them completely; they attempt their hardest to take control over their family that at last, they fork over the required funds.

At the point when control it got it adulterates, when supreme power is accomplished at that point there is no other approach other than corruption. Lear gives Goneril and Regan their energy and longs for additional and will go to anyway to get it. Edmund aches for control and goes to anyway to get it; by plotting against his dad and sibling. Supreme power taints these characters in light of the fact that their mission for control abandons them with unfairness and misdirection. At the point when given with some restraint control is controlled; when given in abundance, control turns into a debaser.

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