Compare and Contrast Essay Example: Diversity and LIS Education

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Date:  2021-04-06

Different Views among the Authors

The notable difference in authors' perspectives is evident from the difference in their preferred models and procedures for averting diversity challenges. For instance, Paul Jaeger in all his affiliate articles seems to place more emphasis on culturally grooming librarians for serving the broadening communities through information exposure and inclusion through a diverse librarianship population (Jaeger, et al., 2010, 2011, 2013, 2015). It is inclusive of library services and LIS courses that foster social justice. On the other hand, Adkins, et al. (2015) concentrates on life experience, LIS associations and LIS education among the librarians as the preferable strategies of combating diversity that entails interrelating.

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Similarities in the Articles

The first similarity of the articles is the definition of the components of diversity in LIS. All the authors agree that technological and socio-economic aspects contribute to diversity by increasing the number of individuals excluded, underrepresented and disadvantaged in issues regarding information (Jaeger, et al., 2010, 20111, 2013, 2015; Adkins et al, 2015). Socioeconomic status, political viewpoints, cognitive styles, sexuality, ethnicity, race, and personalities are common aspects in the authors' discussion on diversity (Jaeger, et al., 2015). Secondly, the intervention methods in all the articles are geared towards the transformation of LIS programs to reflect relevance in the contemporary multicultural society.

Defensible Points in the Articles

Authors' views in the description of the concept of LIS diversity and intervention models are defensible due to the use of defendable surveys and research studies regarding the gap created in LIS by technological, ethnic, religious, literacy, racial and socioeconomic diversity among different communities. An example of logical points among the articles authors is that of Jaeger et al. (2010, p. 175) revealing the low percentage among ethnic minorities in LIS schools.

My Opinion

I agree with the authors' views that there is a need to enhance LIS professionals' education programs to suit the changing needs and nature of information in future. Diversity in LIS has the primary purpose of creating equity in accessing information among diverse populations. I identify Adkins et al. (2015) the most due to the emphasis on the ways in which librarians gain knowledge on diversity in the article. In my opinion, knowing how LIS professionals acquire knowledge on diversity is the beginning of framing inclusion interventions hence preventing the adverse effects of diversity in LIS realm.


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