Compare and Contrast Between Two Countries

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Date:  2021-03-02

America and China are two developed countries, with large economies. China is in eastern Asia, bordering the Korea Bay, East China Sea, South China Sea, and the Yellow Sea. It is located between Vietnam and North Korea. The largest population are Chinese people. It is a Communist state, which values teamwork. On the other hand, America comprises of many states, which accommodate people from different countries and cultures. It is a constitution based federal state, which is a strong democratic tradition.

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For many centuries, China has been leading in civilization, outpacing other developed countries such United States of America. This trend has changed in 19th and 20th centuries, due to the recurring famine, foreign occupation, civil unrest, military defeat, and others. On the other hand, the economy of United States has gained steady grown due to stability, good governance and advances in technology. This has contributed to low unemployment levels and reduced inflation.

Chinese people and Americans do not have similar concepts of privacy. Chinese discuss topics like ages, income, and marital status freely, but Americans think this is annoying and intrusive. In China, older are traditionally treated with ultimate dignity and respect, while the young are nurtured and cherished. In America, the main goal of family is to encourage independence, especially on children. Unlike the Chinese, aging Americans seldom live with their families; most of them are enrolled in elderly homes.

America and China are very different in terms of the concept of knowledge and education. China pay attention in developing the intellectual of their students. In America, they value the students' creativity and ability to think critically. Unlike America, Chinese students focus on insight and absorption of knowledge. They believe Learning is not a way to get high marks but to gain knowledge.

Both America and China are the leaders of world economy. Both countries possess massive landscape, ranging from deserts, coastal areas, and mountains. Both countries have stable governments and have contributed in the advancement of technology. China and America have many cities with mega buildings and good road infrastructure. The two countries are also a destination for many immigrants.

In conclusion, China and America are irreplaceable players in global arena, harboring substantial economic and political influence. However, there are differing historical events in the two countries, which dichotomize the way the citizens of these countries think, behave, and act. Both countries are strikingly polar, and they have disparities in emphasizing on collective versus individual freedom of media and education. They also have similarity of market economy. It is thus important for both China and America to learn, understand, and accept the culture of their counterpart, to increase understanding.

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