Community Teaching Plan: Healthcare Access in Hispanic Communities Paper Example

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The lack of healthcare access and care for non-insurance holders and their families is a common case amongst the Hispanic communities and the African American societies. However, even large numbers of immigrants suffer the lack of healthcare access and care for non-insurance holders and their families. According to Waldo (2018), approximately 500,000 immigrants who reside in New York City are undocumented. However, about half of those undocumented immigrants that is, 250,000 are insured either through employer-sponsored coverage, private insurance purchased outside of the ACA marketplace or Child Health Plus. On the other hand, 200,000 and more of the currently uninsured are likely to remain uninsured.

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Summary of the Teaching Plan

After conducting an assessment of the educational needs of some Hispanic and African Americans as well as other immigrants, the topic of healthcare access and care for non-insurance holders and their families appeared a point that needed emphasis in regards to health promotion and primary prevention. Healthcare access and care for non-insurance holders and their families is not a point that seems very relevant enough for the society especially the immigrants and partly the Hispanic and some percent of African Americans. Several people have the knowledge that they can fall ill at any time at any given location even though many as well are naive to embark on the primary prevention measures because they do not feel it is very necessary within their society and others also are not just knowledgeable of the primary prevention measures.

The teaching plan concealed various areas of study which include the nursing diagnosis which is the ineffective health maintenance which is related to the lack of capital and material resources. The teaching plan also includes the evaluation for the readiness for learning, the theories that were applied in the teaching-learning process and the relevant healthy people 2020 (HP2020) goal which is relevant to the topic as well as the behavioral objectives of the whole process. Also, the teaching plan comprised of the evaluation of the goals and some of the barriers in the teaching process together with the communication plan. Additionally, the teaching plan comprised of a PowerPoint presentation to facilitate the teaching process together with some handouts on the topic which were given to the members who attended the teaching lessons. The teaching plan also depicts creativity in the community teaching process not only by the presentations but also in the manner in which the teaching forum was open up for questions and answers.

The Epidemiological Rationale for the Topic

Generally, amongst the immigrants, the Hispanic and even the African Americans, the lack of healthcare access and care for non-insurance holders and their families are the main cause of death hence the low mortality decline rates. Even though the majority of African Americans have health insurance, many of the immigrants do not have. Rough estimates of 500,000 immigrants who reside in New York City are not documented. However, about 250,000 are insured either by employer-sponsored coverage, private insurance which is purchased outside the ACA marketplace or Child Health Plus. This implies that an approximate of 200,000 or more of the immigrants who live within New York City is likely to remain insured according to health statistics meaning that they would lack healthcare access and care for non-insurance holders and their families. In this regard, the presentation of this topic is to help the families in enhancing their healthcare behavior by recommending regular health visits together with appropriate lifestyle habits. The teaching of this topic will also assist the uninsured families with guidance on how to access information regarding healthcare provision to enable the continued care and prevention of risk for illnesses.

Evaluation of Teaching Experience

The preparation for the teaching assignment involved the creation of a PowerPoint presentation using very precise language that everyone was capable of understanding because the PowerPoint presentations were lucrative. Handouts that also contained the slides of the PowerPoint were also made available for the purposes of the visually impaired cases. The teaching was conducted in Hyde Leadership Charter School for 30-45 minutes. The parents sacrificed to attend the informational session by a licensed registered nurse in a classroom consequent to the parent/teacher conference. The parents who were willing to acquire the information attended the teaching session.

Pamphlets were also provided the parents who attended the informational session so that they would use as future reference and even share the information with their families and friends. The participants showed emotional readiness by reviewing the pamphlets while they waited for the teaching session to begin. The participants were introduced casually by the teacher Christina Lewis, RN and they were told that the teaching session was to be open for everyone and they would ask inquiry questions at any given time. Totally the teaching session was comprised of thirteen (13) parents of students with the age range of 25-64 with the racial of the background of Hispanic and African American even though some of the participants were also immigrants.

The teaching session began with a question that was posed to the participants by the teacher regarding their understanding of primary prevention or ways to prevent getting sick and how many of the participants are covered by health insurance, Medicaid. She then assessed how often parents utilize health care services and asked reasons families have not sought care when necessary. These questions got everyone busy thinking as the teacher went ahead to explain that health insurance matters are not supposed to be taken on a light note because there are several risks of illnesses that are likely to be experienced as a result of lack of healthcare access. The PowerPoint presentation with precise notes on the topic was presented. The presentation seemed effective because there were no questions of misunderstanding during the presentation.

The participants were asked to reflect on their medical histories and how often they sought medical attention whenever they faced medical challenges like hypertension, common cold, and even diabetes and their methods of coping whenever they are ill and the approaches they use to seek healthy lifestyles. Generally, the teaching process was a success and in challenging cases like those of language barrier, the teacher was able to locate any person with the capability to translate. However, most of the participants were able to speak and understand English. The teaching session was then closed by the teacher by asking the participants to share the main points that they acquired from the presentation.

Community Response to Teaching

The informational session was successful. The participants offered favorable remarks on the teacher regarding the PowerPoint presentation and their general experience. The objectives of the teaching session were assessed by questions asked at the end of the PowerPoint presentation. The goals and objectives that were fixed for the teaching session were effectively encountered. The evaluation method revealed that the participants felt that they received sufficient information in a professional style. The only part of the presentation that got anything other than excellent was the point that some of the pamphlets printed were not very suitable for reading by some of the participants. Generally, there was emotional interest expressed by the participants in the teaching session which was depicted by the interest of the participants in the pamphlets even before the commencement of the presentation.

The assignment would be perceived as a challenge in spite the effort of the teacher to offer her absolute best in every condition. The academic dean, Ms. O'Kane identified the perceived necessity and encouraged parents who expressed interest in healthcare options for their children and themselves to attend the teaching session. However, with the number that showed up for the session, the goals of the teaching assignment were achieved despite the language barriers and barriers of lack of follow through of information that was provided in the sense that parents seem not to make changes to diet or physical activity and they do not seek out healthcare coverage.

At the end of the teaching session, the parents took with them the pamphlets for future reference and to share the information with their families and friends at their own pleasure. Generally, the impression of the society on the teaching assignment implies that significant measures can be taken towards the achievement of healthy people 2020 goals through several approaches. Some of the approaches that can be implemented include timely and relentless healthcare education that is determined with the prevention of illnesses and healthy lifestyle choices as well as the medical services that provide the most effective Medicare measures and even the policies in schools so as to enlighten the society on the benefits of health insurance.

Areas of Strengths and Areas of Improvement

There are several areas of strengths that can be retrieved from the teaching session which include the effective communication between the teacher and the participants which were open, straightforward and had a very smooth flow. The PowerPoint presentation was very informative and eye-catching in the sense that it was very clear, summarizing and visually attractive. The teacher found that the evaluation tool was very significant for the PowerPoint presentations. The participants portrayed an understanding of the teaching session as they interacted by asking and answering questions. The teacher also experienced a mix-up of many positive and curious reactions from the participants which revealed a sign of achievement of the objectives and goals set for the teaching session.

Conversely, some areas of weaknesses that need improvement were also noted. The spread of information regarding the educational forum on healthcare access and care for non-insurance holders and their families would have been made prior to the parents/teachers meeting so that the teaching session would have recorded a large number of people especially the immigrants to enhance the health literacy levels of such members of the society. The lack of timely awareness of the informational session is the reason for the low attendance that was recorded in the presentation.


Summarily, primary prevention and health promotion on matters of healthcare access and care for non-insurance holders and their families are necessary among the immigrants especially the ones residing within New York City of whom most of them are undocumented. An approximate of 200,000 of the immigrants do not have insurance policy covers for healthcare access and care for their families despite the fact that this is one of the concerns that has led to slow mortality decline within the American nation. Therefore, education members of the American society especially the Hispanic, African Americans and the immigrants will enable a better prognosis for health care access and Medicare insurance policy cover. Generally, additional educational forums should be conducted not only in schools but even in churches, health clinics, community centers, and even workplaces to enhance the health literacy levels of the members of the society.


Waldo, D. (2018). National Health Accounts: A Framework For Understanding Health Care Financing. Health Affairs, 37(3), 498-503.

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