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Date:  2022-04-28


The Lake Troubled Shallows Health Department intends to hire a new Community Outreach Coordinator. This is part of our commitment to ensuring that the goals set out in our strategic plan about examining and responding to the health challenges of the community are achieved. Each applicant is required to have least five years of experience working as a community outreach officer in a reputable health organization. Also, a Bachelor's degree in an applicable field will be required as part of the primary qualifications. This is a full-time position, and you will be required to report to work promptly as per the Department's policy. The current salary per month for this position is US $ 3500 subject to agreement and review in future as per the labor laws.

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Essential Duties and Responsibilities

The key responsibilities for this position include outreach and the promotion of our agenda to the community at large. The holder of this position is expected to work with the existing team of community outreach officers and coordinate the activities of the department properly. Another key responsibility will be the creation, scheduling, organizing and promotion of outreach programs and special events. You will also be responsible for the recruitment of public health volunteers, their training and assignment of duties. As part of our goal to reach a larger part of the community, the person holding this position is expected to create awareness about our department and enhance our presence in the community health programs through advertising and marketing. Relationships and Cooperation with individuals and groups in the community is pertinent to our day to day operations. Therefore, the community outreach coordinator is expected to develop a strong rapport with the immediate community. All, these responsibilities will require efficient oral and written communication skills, team working and strong organizational skills.

The key duties include, but not limited to:

  1. Write a monthly press release or article for the local newspapers or otherwise required.
  2. Maintain a good working relationship with government agencies, community organizations and also individual community members.
  3. Formulate and oversee effectual outreach programs, with a strong emphasis on reaching out to the local unprivileged population.
  4. Preparation of periodic reports on the activities of the department.
  5. Facilitate the building of collaborations with appropriate partners to improve the health of the community.
  6. Engage directly with the community members and seek their opinion on matters of concern for their health and well-being.
  7. Suggest policies and programs that will improve the health of the community and their expected impact thereof.
  8. Perform other relevant duties assigned from time to time.

Skills and Qualification Requirements

Effective communication skills, both written and oral. Ability to give an affective public speech is required.

Demonstrated capability to develop and implement feasible outreach programs.

Knowledge of how non-profit organizations work.

Demonstrated ability to work in a team

Demonstrated computer and programming skills

Good leadership skills and a proven ability to supervise group activities

Experience as a community outreach officer, working in a reputable organization

The ability to handle competing demands.

Proven experience of working within a customer service oriented environment

Sound knowledge of relevant legislation on the operations of health organizations, initiation of community programs and the conduct in a workplace.

Recruitment and Hiring Strategies

The lake Troubled Shallows Health Department is committed to adhering to the best practices of hiring and employment. We are a fair employer, and we offer an equal opportunity to everyone. For the position of the Community outreach coordinator, all applications will be submitted through an email to the Human resources manager. Applicants are encouraged to submit their applications within the specified deadlines for consideration. Late applications will be considered a breach of the employment regulations, leading to disqualification of the applicant,

Upon application, we will consider all applications submitted within the specified deadlines and shortlist all successful applicants. The list of successful applicants shall be published on our website in due time. The dates for oral interviews will be communicated via email to all successful applicants. Failure to attend the interview on the specified day will lead to automatic disqualification by the Interviewers panel as per our policy. The selection of the best applicant to fill up the position will be done in a fair manner and based on merit. To enhance accountability, the results of all interviews will be available to the public on request. The selected applicant will be contacted through email, and his/her name will thereof be published on our website. Applicants not satisfied with the selection process will be allowed to launch official complains and an appeal for consideration.

Relevant Employment Laws

All applicants are expected to be familiar with the state and international laws governing employment and labor. These include:

  1. The Employment and Labor law 2017
  2. The Occupational Safety and Health Act
  3. The Fair Labor Standards Act
  4. The International Labor Law


This job description involved a rigorous review of the previous job descriptions for the position of Community outreach coordinator. Due to the current increase in the use of social media platforms as avenues of promotion and marketing, the community outreach coordinator is required to promote our activities on the platforms. Also, computer literacy and data analysis skills have been incorporated in the current job description. A review on the responsibilities of the community outreach coordinator has been done to include the preparation of a monthly press release. In developing this job description, I followed the principles of fairness in hiring and employment. Also, the need to embrace technology and consistency with the policies of the Lake Troubled Shallows Health Department guided the preparation process of this job description.

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