Collaboration Leadership in Development of a Mental Health Care Agency

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Date:  2021-04-07

Collaboration and collaborative leadership is an effective strategy as a leader while developing a Mental Health Care Agency. This leadership style is very successful when the leader has adaptive leadership qualities. Collaborative and collaboration approach to community problem-solving leads to the creation of teams that are more efficient and objective in solving the problem since they experience the challenges first hand (Rabinowitz, 2015). The first challenge to resolve a challenge in a community is first identifying the root of the problem which is easy to narrow down to while collaborating with members of the affected community. While this approach is factored in the preliminary stages of development of a Mental Health Care Agency, then it is bound to succeed since the objective is to address the cause as well as the management the challenged people presently.

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Collaboration and collaborative leadership serve the original idea of partnering, but they differ in the manner of achieving the objectives. Collaboration involves the creation of a network of the people who are participating in the cause or other interested parties, creating official communication channels, and requires the smooth cooperation and coordination with concerned parties. The key activities in a collaboration involve the coordination of tasks, advancing each player's capacity and contribution of the resources required. The collaborative aspect of the style of leadership comes to play when the lead team collaborates with welfare groups, sponsors or any other interested parties. This eases the leaders responsibilities by coming up with a structure of leadership with collaborators and partners. Collaborative leadership involves working with elected people to form the different distributions in the communitys demographics. The success of this kind of leadership often relies on the leadership skills of the team rather than an individual leaders skill set. A leader who intends to oversee the Development of a mental health care agency has the necessary platform to do so by using this style of leadership. They can build collaborative teams from the affected community, concerned sponsors to fund the project and team members with the necessary specialization in skill to run different units of the Agency.

This method of leadership is preferable since the leader has to formulate a team that will come up with authentic objective ways of addressing the development of the mental health care facility. The following three constructs guide the foundation of the team building. The first is making sure that they bring together the appropriate people. Thus the selection criteria have to factor in a broad spectrum of the community. It will ensure the solution made by the team will resonate with a majority of the community. Secondly, the team recruitment procedure has to come up with a mechanism to promote understanding, team chemistry, and trust. Third, the members of the assembled team bust have a broad educational spectrum regarding disciplines of specialization as well as the level of qualification.

This role requires an adaptive kind of leader which will enable the team liberally approach the task. Collaborative teams are not only in the physical sense today but also include virtual teams on platforms such as Twitter telephone /video conferencing, Facebook and LinkedIn. This form of technologies will make it easier to define communication channels. Such platforms lead to smooth operation of a collaborative form of leadership by opening a range of communication platforms. Collaborative teams can create membership accounts on the named online platforms to mobilize the community to contribute accordingly to (Mulroy, 2000).

While the collaborative teams have been formed the next duty of a collaboration team leader is to align the decision making process with the objectives of the team. It is the responsibility of the manager to ensure that the decision-making at all points is transparent to make sure that their intentions are known well to the entire collaborative team. The basic approach is to invite all the ideas from the team player and work with the most viable idea. For an administrator to oversee such liberal approach to decision making, necessitates for them to be adaptive leaders to embrace ideas to which not yet exposed. Adaptive leadership focuses on a persons innate nature of reception of ideas. Adaptive leadership has an approach to leadership that is based on the situation and the approach that is used to mitigate or solve the issue at hand ("Forbes Welcome," 2014). A leaders responsibility is not to solve the problem rather lead the people to make the decision and offer guidance during execution. Adaptive leadership requires for the leader to create a platform that provides the necessities that are needed for the team plays to work with ease.

Third, the leader and the management team in a collaborative approach to team leadership explore. This perception will enable the team to exhaustively utilize the resources at their disposal for a successful development of the agency. Collaborators need to viewing resource as facilitators to the development of the mental health care agency. Finally, the leader has to be affirmative in the decision made. Often in collaboration leadership, the team gives their ideas, but decision making is done solely by the team leader. Collaborative leadership, on the contrary, all team players have input in the final decision. In either of the two circumstances the leader may face, it is their responsibility to make the diligent decision and stick to it about the development of the mental health care agency.

Establishing, a code of conduct is instrumental in making sure that the team players have a guiding principle (Portolese, 2017). Cultivating a respectful environment which should be well stated in the code of conduct ensures that all team players are active and execute their responsibilities exhaustively. The collaborative style of leadership requires the establishment of a metric system to measure the performance of the team members in the areas they are assigned. Each team player assigned roles are measured according to the metric and highest scorers awarded. It encourages the team players to commit to their tasks to collectively make the development a reality. In order to foresee the quick development of the agency, the leader should inspire commitment to action. They should also present themselves as a peer in the decision-making process to welcome ideas from all the team players, cultivate trust in the team, lead as a servant and encourage participation by as many collaborators and team players as possible. While they adhere to the laws of this leadership style, development of a mental health Care agency will be realized within the community seamlessly.


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