Clues and Examples of Prehistoric Life: Olorgesailie Essay

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Date:  2022-06-06

1. Introduction

Olorgesailie is a prehistoric site in the Red Rift Valley which the anthropologists found to be rich in fossils and hominids of early humankind. Also, the other clue that anthropologist claimed in the red rift valley is that it is rich in archaeological and paleontological evidence that gives a chance for detailed scientific studies. Notably, the artifacts in rift valley provide the scientist with the clue about the economic and cultural behavior of the ancestral hominids and Homo erectus over many years ago.

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The prehistoric clues are of great importance to the scientist as they conduct scientific research. Clues guide them on the nature of fossils in the area and compare with the kind of research they want to pursue. Prehistoric clues enable the scientist to make objectives of their research before they go to the field. Finally, the ancient traces have allowed the scientist to know the origin of man and study economics and cultural activities which were practiced by early humankind in the rift valley.

2. The Major Religions in the World

There are five major religions in the world which includes, Christianity, Hinduism, Islamic, New Age Spiritually and, Buddhism religion. To begin with the Christian faith, the Christians believe in one God who is their creator. The Christians believed that God gives everyone a personal relationship with him and they believed in him so that they have eternal life. According to the Christians, Bible is a God`s written message to humankind (Boyett, Jason, 35).

The Hinduism religion worship one being of ultimate oneness called Brahman. Notably, Brahman represents gods and goddesses. Hindus believe that their previous actions determine the present position. A Hindu's objective was to become free from the law of karma and only the soul matters. The Hindus give a person freedom to choose how to work toward spiritual perfections. In the religion of New Age Spirituality, they promote the development of the individual`s power. A person pursuing spiritual growth would see himself as the deity since in this religion they don't talk to their creator.

Also, the Buddhism is a religion that does not worship any God or gods. The Buddhists believe that the Buddha as attained what they are struggling for and they do not see it as their divine. The Buddhists strive for freedom from the continuous life cycle and death and also for spiritual enlightenment. Finally, Islam is among the dominant religion in the world, and the Muslims believe that there is one almighty God. They named it Allah, who is superior to and considered transcendent from human beings. Muslims think that Allah is the creator of the universe and the source of good and evil (Boyett, Jason, 43). Allah is powerful and aggressive judge and also merciful towards his followers based on religious devotions.

The religion in the world has common aspects which include, one is that they believe that there is a creator of the universe who is powerful and finally they believe that an individual strives to attain spiritual enlightenment.

3. Effects of European Competition In Africa

Europeans struggle to colonies Africa since Africa countries were well endowed by natural raw materials such as gold, ivory, and oil. Africans suffered since they did not use raw material in their countries because European take them to their countries.

Europeans use Africans as slaves. These actions caused the life of most African since those people who refuse to work in the firms of Europeans were killed for example working in coffee firms. Also, some Africans were separated from their families and taken to European countries to be enslaved in the firms of Europeans (Fox, Eleanor M, and M J,76).

The ethnic conflict which exists within Africans was an advantage to Europeans to colonize Africa. For example, a country which was being colonized by British will use those people to fight against resisting nation. Many Africans were killed since the colonized countries were given weapons to fight with opposing state until they overcome them.

Europeans had superior weapons since they had advanced technology. The Africans were using ancient tools to fight against Europeans, and as a result, many Africans were killed because Europeans were using a superior weapon such as guns.

4. Treaty of Versailles and It Impacts To Global Affairs.

The treaty was negotiated between January and June 1919 in Paris and was written by the Allies with little participation by the Germans. The World War I was ended by officially signing the treaty of Versailles on June 28, the same year. The negotiations express a split between the French and Germany who want to renew the war with French, and it includes American and British who did not wish to renew war pretexts. The German government signed the treaty under the protest. Eventually, the agreement included fifteen parts and four hundred and forty articles which reassigned German borders and also assigned liability for reparations (Georgetown Journal of International Affairs: 78).

One of the impacts of the Treaty of Versailles is that the Germans were forced to pay reparations which were used to repair the damages that the war caused. Germans were to pay the total reparations which worth them 131 billion, which they recently completed the payments in 2010. Therefore the United States become an economic boom after the World War I.

5. Impacts of Modern Technology in Developing Countries

Modern technology has improved the standards of living to many people in developing nations. For instance adoption of information communication technology (ICT) has resulted in the rapid growth of the economy in developing countries (Druica et al.168). Therefore as a result of rapid growth in the economy, many job opportunities will be available. Hence citizens will be employed thus receiving income which improves their living standard.

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