Chick-n-Gravy Dinner Line Case Study

Paper Type:  Case study
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Date:  2022-07-03

Consumer complaints involve expressions of dissatisfaction and unmet expectations in the product and service. Often, customers are unlikely to pledge loyalty in companies that leave complaints unattended. Such customers are forever lost by switching to competitors, thereby posing threats to revenue. The situation compels business to pay attention and address complaints timely. The analysis of complaints against Chick and Gravy Dinner line offers the most excellent source of learning to reveal where it fails and how to improve to avoid losing customers to competitors.

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Unresolved issues gradually become deadly to any enterprise. It makes the case to resolve the multiple complaints lodged customers against Chick-n-Gravy dinners. Evaluation of the complaints provides a reliable source to learn how to improve the product lines. Firstly, low-quality offering draws the higher number of complaints and are likely to share the bad experience with others. Chick-n-Gravy Dinner line 1 faces a substantial amount of complaints on unacceptable taste. It accounts for forty percent of the total complaints, though closely followed with the missing label.

The possible cause of more complaints on unacceptable taste includes contaminated manufacturing process, shorter life of ingredients and poor storage. Consequently, the firm should monitor the manufacturing process, handling, and life of ingredients. The situation mandates using alternative ingredients that would prolong the life of the product.

Similarly, missing labels cost the Chick-n-Gravy multiple complaints with consumers unlikely to purchase products they are unaware of the content. The company should embrace strict packaging process through end-to-end checks to avoid missing labels. Still, the firm should reduce splits and mixing contributing sixteen percent of the total complaints.

Improper sealing in Line 2 accounts for thirty-five percent of defects that customers are complaining to supermarkets. The situation arises from hasty sealing and use of inferior quality packaging materials alongside confusion in packets. Chick-n-Gravy dinner line 2 suffers from missing labels indicative of speedy packaging and uncoordinated labeling. Improver sealing and split products contribute fifty-nine percent of complaints.

It contributes seventeen percent complaints lodged to the supermarkets. It indicates confusion experienced during labeling and uncoordinated process. Failure to label the product appropriately deters consumers from purchasing it. The recurrence of the situation in both product lines shows missing coordination during packaging. The company should consider the division of work to engage specialized individuals in the labeling. Again, improper sealing in line 2 emerges from poor handling and poor storage.


The recurrence of unacceptable taste among the leading cause of complaints by consumers affirms unmet expectations on the quality product. The company should evaluate its ingredients responsible for the unpleasant taste in the Chick-n-Gravy dinner. Poor quality in the ingredients and absence of standards set on raw materials costs the product its desired quality. The unpleasant taste translates to the faulty product, thereby customer dissatisfaction. Besides the analysis of ingredients to eliminate poor quality inputs, the company should embrace strict monitoring to avoid incorrect product descriptions. Again, the company should convey complete information on the product to avoid losing customers who seek fair play in the information. The company should fight off challenges it faces at the source of manufacturing, packaging, and labeling. Besides hygienic checks, it should ensure accurate product literature to eliminate cases of missing labeling.

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