Chevrolet's Global Marketing Strategy for Chevy Colorado in Gulf States - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-04-09


International marketing is important for Chevrolet Company to increase its sales and expand on new profit opportunities. strategic management and planning help most of the companies in maintaining their market shares and increasing their competitive advantage. Chevrolet has established a global marketing strategy, especially for the sale of Chevy Colorado in Gulf states. Toyota Hilux has dominated most of the markets in the Middle East. Chevrolet Company has analyzed internal and external factors that determine its opportunities, strengths, and weaknesses in the global market (Clarke & Chen, 2009). This paper provides comprehensive information on the analysis of Chevrolet's marketing strategies used in the Arabian markets to beat Toyota Hilux.

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Chevrolet's Marketing Strategies in the Gulf States

Chevrolet has applied marketing mix strategy to achieve its desired competitive advantage. Consideration of price, reliability, and quality of cars has helped Chevrolet in increasing its market share; especially in the Middle East (Krivonos, 2018). The analysis of 4P's concepts of market mix strategy is essential in attracting many customers in Arabian countries; therefore, reducing the dominance of Toyota Hilux. The marketing mix model provides solutions to customers' needs.

First, Chevrolet should develop attractive product design, features, and name to increase market shares. Quality, variety, packaging, features, augmented services, brand name are crucial factors to be considered while developing an effective product strategy for Chevrolet Company (Krivonos, 2018). Second, pricing requires an evaluation of the value/cost of production for specifically targeted customers in the market. The pricing strategy developed for Chevrolet focuses on credit terms, setting a list price, discounts, and payment period. In the case of Arabian markets, Chevrolet is required to set a lower price for the Chevy Colorado car than Toyota Hilux. Setting a lower price than competitors will allow Chevrolet to apply price penetration approach in the Arabian markets.

Third, consideration of place in marketing is important in ensuring effective distribution plan. to attract many customers and increase market shares in the Middle East, Chevrolet should make sure that Chevy Colorado cars are available in the markets. in this case, the targeted customers will be able to access the car; therefore, attaining their needs (Akram, 2018). The selection of appropriate distribution channels necessitates for analysis of strategies used by Toyota Company in the Arabian markets. lastly, promotion is a crucial element in the marketing strategy employed by Chevrolet. Chevrolet can use promotion options like television, print advertising, and radio to attract many customers. also, direct mail programs, catalogues, and tradeshows are important promotion strategies in marketing.

Chevy Colorado is cheaper than Toyota Hilux because Chevrolet Company prioritizes in pricing strategy to serve the needs of customers. for example, Chevy Colorado 2.8L LT 42 AT costs $15, 700 while Toyota Hilux 2.4G DSL 42 A/T costs $16, 200. Also, Chevy Colorado has an engine size of 2776 cc while Toyota Hilux houses 2393 cc engine (Akram, 2018).

The marketing strategies applied by Chevrolet while advertising Chevy Colorado in the Arabian markets should not interfere with the cultural and religious practices of the people. ethical values are considered since the Islamic states value their religious beliefs and practices. Also, avoiding customer exploitation through setting affordable prices for Chevy Colorado cars is an essential ethical consideration that improves marketing practices (Clarke & Chen, 2009).


Chevrolet should identify its target customers and analyze their needs. categorization of customers based on their needs is an important approach in enhancing Chevrolet's competitive advantage. Marketing mix strategy allows Chevrolet to attract many customers; therefore, increasing its sales and profit margins in the Arabian markets. ethical considerations are significant in maintaining a good relationship with customers and maintaining their reputations. Chevrolet should analyze the marketing strategies employed by Toyota company to identify their weaknesses and threats.


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