Article Analysis Essay on "It's All About Sales" by Catherine Dalton

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Date:  2022-11-08


Irrefutably, without communication, it would practically be impossible to share ideas, express yourself, or display your personality. Effective customer communication is the cornerstone of all successive sales. The most persuasive salespeople are the most successful since they naturally build harmonious rapport with the customers. The first impression is yet again another critical factor that plays an important role when in marketing and sales. The article, "It's All About Sales" by Catherine Dalton explains in depth the personalities required to be a compelling and persuasive salesperson.

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Analysis of Key Arguments

Firstly, the author posits that, to some extent, we are all involved in selling activities, irrespective of our occupations, industry, or firm. For instance, by profession, she is a lecturer and a researcher. Catherine mentions that her sale's success in her profession would, for example, be judged by whether her manuscript would be accepted for publishing or whether students positively receive and recall elements that she taught in the classroom (Dalton, 2009). Indeed, I concur with her arguments. This is because the act of sales takes many forms and not the necessary exchange of goods with money. In this case, Catherine endeavors to sell her services to her clients (students). Thus, although some of the job titles do not involve or include sales, I concur with the scholar that, we are all involved in sales, regardless of our occupations.

Secondly, I also totally agree with her view that the first impression counts a lot in business. As the adage goes "the first impression makes a lasting impression," the relationship between the seller and the client is significantly influenced by the first appearance (Dalton, 2009). Sales assume the same case similar to the way the first moments are crucial in a relationship. Thus, to persuade a new client, it is imperative to ensure that you are neatly dressed. For instance, in Peru, tourists and tourists and investors have formed an impression that Peru drivers are wild and they ignore traffic lights, stop signs, and police. Consequently, this impression has made many of them consider hiring personal drivers whom they travel with whenever they purpose to visit the country. Indeed, it is hardly difficult to sell a product to an individual who has already made an initial negative impression.

Importantly, Catherine's arguments relate to B2B in myriads of ways. For instance, in B2B, the characteristics of the sale and purchase process are primarily influenced by the relationship between the seller and the client. This means that the success of B2B sales is dependent on the seller's level of understanding of the customer's needs. Therefore, it is paramount for customers to understand the target audience before launching a product. Overall, Catherine offers insight regarding B2B that it is important to examine the decision-making process of business clients in this type of business and make a harmonious relation.


To wrap up, Catherine Dalton's It's All about Sales is an informative article that shed lights on how to conduct successful sales. Personally, I concur with most of his views. Her argument that, to some extent, we are all involved in sales endeavors irrespective of our occupations is an argument that I resonate with. Then, most importantly, her views that the first impression counts a lot in business is an argument that I agree with. Many enterprises have flopped due to the negative impression that was formed by the client during the first encounter. Finally, the paper has underscored the fact that the sale and purchase process in B2B selling is highly dependent on the rapport between the seller and the client.


Dalton, C. (2009). It's all about sales. Business Horizons, 52(3), 205-207. Retrieved from

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