Century of Violence

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Date:  2021-03-14

The article a Century of Violence, explores the lack of peace in the Arab nations since the First World War. The peace was shattered by the unwillingness of the Arabs to accept borders. Consequently, there are internal ethnic differences that have plunged the entire Arab world into a series of civil wars. There is no end to the civil wars in sight. Unlike other parts of the world, violence is still the principle determinant of the outcomes in a conflict, creating a condition where all people are motivated to keep fighting. The conflicts in the Arab nations started with the actions of the colonialists, dismantling the Ottoman Empire and dividing it into geographic regions of British and French control. In the future, the actions of the colonialist, such as the treaty between the British and the Jews, the British controlled Palestine and promised the Jews the Zionist movement, set off conflicts that have persisted to the present. The colonial powers are responsible for the onset of the century of balance because they upset the existing balance of power among the Arabs and set in motion the chains of territorial conflicts that followed.

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Bernhard Zand is a writer for the German Online news outlet, SPIEGEL he has been a correspondent for the outlet since 1998. SPIEGEL is a popular news outlet and it publishes material that is of popular or political interest. The nature of the publication is apparent from the lack of references in this article and the easy access to the article on the internet.

The article uses reference to past events to support the claims. For example, the conflict in the Arab nations before the First World War is used together with the recent Arab Springs movement to show that the conflicts have been there or a long time. The use of logic in the article combined with the use of dates to show the progression of the violence over the years and in many different Arab countries supports the main claim by the writer; Arabs have been in a continuous conflict for the last 100 years. The logical appeal is the main rhetoric used in the article. The writer also uses ethical consideration to show that the inaction of the rest of the world prolongs the suffering. The use of figures to show the casualties join the emotions of the reader with ethical consideration. The rhetorical devices are used to good effect because the combination makes a good article that offers the impression of objectivity from the writer. The article is not supported by references.

The lack of references reduces the credibility of the suggestions. It also suggests that the publication, SPIEGEL, is a popular news outlet and does not require references like scholarly and professional articles. The convincing argument in the article shows that the selected rhetorical device when writing is not as important as the target audience. To make a compelling article, the writer has to consider the audience in preparation to write and make sure that the strategies selected suits the attributes of that audience. This article is convincing to the intent ended audience. At the same time, there is a strong impression that the use of evidence in writing can be detected from the prose. For example, the article uses dates and quotes the Zionist movement.

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