A Discussion on the Causes of Conflict, And How It Is Managed

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Date:  2022-05-17


After the reorganisation of workers in an organisation, various conflicts may arise in the organisation because of the change. Multiple factors trigger conflict in an organisation this includes. First, Resources allocation, this refers to a situation whereby resources' such as time, money, and equipment are limited. The competition of the available resources' is a major cause of conflict. For example resources' such as laptops and iPhone's are expensive devices that can only give to an employee on a need to have the basis. In case some of the employees have more access to the resources as compared to other fellow employees, conflict may arise between the employees. As technical employee's view that these devices are essential for their service delivery, the employees with patient contact such as nurses may view that the tools are crucial for them to make a good impression to the patients. This happens since the resources are often limited.

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Work interdependence

Work interdependence is another factor that may contribute to conflict within an organisation. This occurs when the achievement of once goals depend on others to perform your tasks. Some of the workers in a department may be reluctant and lazy to a point whereby they underperform in their areas of duty. For example, the medical doctors may be sluggish in performing their duties of assessing the patients thus depending on the nurses present to take up their dries. Such activities lead to rising in conflict among the employees. Another example is in a situation whereby the trained health providers become reluctant and depend on the new staff to do their duties as they sit and watch.

Distribution of duties

The allocation of duties among the employees in the same department is likely also to trigger conflict. Some of the employees may be favoured in such a way that they are allocated a minimal amount of work as compared to their colleges in the same department while they are all receiving the same level of salary. This difference in the number of duties may result in conflict since it may seem that some of the workers are being favoured as compared to others.

How to manage the conflicts

In a situation where people work together there a high chance of occurrence of conflict. However, there are various ways of handling or dealing with the conflicts that may arise, this includes

Thinking it through

Before deciding to address the individual with whom you have a dispute with, one should first choose to discuss the issue with another workmate or friend. This mainly assists in clarification of the problem and needs. There is the need for one to seek advice on how to handle the conflict in that particular situation. As you explore for opinion, be careful not to rely on the view of the third party, whom you may not know his or her agenda. Plan the strategy on how to handle the issue, and this helps one to feel in control

Deal with it

Most people try to avoid conflict. For example, most of the nurses quit their jobs instead of resolving the conflict at work. Deciding to leave the job is never the alternative to solving the conflict, and it often leads to feeling guilt and regrets. However, ignoring the conflict in the workplace may lead to unresolved feelings and stress in an individual. The workers such as nurses should learn to handle their conflict when they occur through seeking better solutions for the issues.


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