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This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.
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Research paper
This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

Evidence provided by most researchers has suggested that most small businesses have a higher chance of failure compared to large companies. This is simply because a large business has well set up good and well-stipulated guidelines that they follow. Researchers have proposed possible reasons that may put a small business at a higher risk of failure. The first in the list is the small economic scale, availability of capital, less unreliable resources, their geographical location and most importantly their marketing strategy. Entrepreneurs become very frustrated when they are experiencing this failure. Since all the business is alike and is in constant competition, customers have a variety of choices to make from one product to product. There for the aspect of marketing is imperative to every business which needs to enhance customer service. This paper seeks to explain how marketing skills are essential to providing customer service.

As experienced in most cases, the key objectives of marketing in an organization is to develop a qualitative relation with their customers. This is in a bit to benefit both the clients and the organization. This role makes marketing to play an important role in any sole organization. For a better business creation and customer service, one needs marketing skill to help them interact with the customers. Marketing skills are important and essential customer service because, for any business that has to make a profit, marketing skill will be responsible for revenue generation, and on the other hand, marketing will be responsible for customer attraction towards the product. For any client to get to buy any good they need good relation. This relation should be mostly assured by the entrepreneur or the seller. Customers will even volunteer to support any business that has a good marketing skill (Ferrell, 120). For all the business to survive, strong marketing skills must be deployed in each and every line and sections of the business this to enhance customer service. According to the text, we conclude that marketing has the below general benefits,

It helps the entrepreneur in developing products they will satisfy the customer needs and helps in customer trust. It enhances a competitive environment that helps the product price to reduce significantly; the entrepreneur is also able to develop a distribution system that increases customer possibility to their goods (Ferrell, 227). This is by focusing all the customer regions. This also helps in building demands for the product that challenge organization increasing the labor force. The following are reasons why marketing skills are essential in customer service:

Marketing skills: encourage the customer to purchase what they do not necessarily need:

With marketing skills, an entrepreneur will convince a customer the importance of what they are selling. The above does not mean that the customer needed the product, but, because of the way they are treated, they might end up buying what they had no plans of buying. This might seem to us that marketing skills are a selfish skill, this is not so because we note that most customers are not very sure of what they want and may need help. One fact behind this argument is that the skill helps in guiding customers on what is right and good for them. Marketers have been reported guilty of customer manipulation, but, good marketing skill brings a clear understanding of the consequences that comes with customer manipulation. Customers may not be loyal to such tactics, and, as results, the business may not succeed.

Marketing Skills: Promote Customers Product Claims

In most cases, marketing skills engage in customer communication. A good marketer must know and come up with a strategy on how to engage a client. This might lead to exaggeration of the product benefits. Good marketing skills are essential for an entrepreneur to understand the benefits that come with a product. In case an entrepreneur offers a false benefit, he/she might have the serious challenge when the customer claims what the product do not offer. One of the key roles that should be played by small business owners is the role of customer education about the product. They should educate the customer of the advantages and disadvantages of a product. When they have to exaggerate anything about the product, they should do this rationally to avoid mistrust.

It is worth knowing that most countries offer customer protection against any manipulation and some misleading action might result in some legal action against the small business owner. Additionally using misleading tactics could also lead to product failure simply because of dissatisfaction of the customer hence leaving no choice but to engage in good customer service.

Marketing Skills: Enhance Customer Selection Skills.

It is noted that important marketing success is engaging in a process that helps the customers identify the objective of the small business. When this method is used in marketing, it is termed as target marketing simply because of its focuses on specific customers and specific product. In this case, an entrepreneur knows his target customers, and he also knows what to bring in the market. This is essential because it targets only customers who have more money to spend on certain goods. With this small business get a marginal boost. However, the method discriminates against other customers, and therefore the entrepreneur must have a strategy of balancing both sides.

Many lower products are obviously inferior to high-end product. Comparing regarding the quality of the two products has shown that there exists a vast improvement simply because of marketing skills. This improvement is not only in the product ranking but also in the product price. Therefore even if some customers may not fall under the target group of certain products, marketing skills may help the small business to help these customers benefit from high-end goods.

The dynamic nature of the field of marketing requires everybody with marketing skills to update themselves with all the information required for a client change. These changes mostly take place in the information. The marketing information might be found through market research, and use of a variety of information gathering techniques. For one to do all this research, they first need to have marketing skills. It would be easy to do a market research if one had the background of marketing. Marketing skills equipped an individual with the current trends in customers needs while paying close attention to what is the industry. It helps small business to remain relevant as well as curb the competitive business world.


Having marketing skills helps in understanding the impact of the decision makes to the other areas of business in relation to customer choice. An entrepreneur must understand that marketing decision are not a personal decision, and any decision made at individual level could lead to serious problems to the organization. Once there is a clear understanding on the important of marketing, customer relationship will be easier to implement.

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