Business Plan Example: Unique Roses from Fleur et toi

Paper Type:  Business plan
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Date:  2021-04-01

It appears that certain things have not changed as most individuals still have trouble when it comes to purchasing the gift, especially flower for their girlfriend or wives. Even though other things do not change, some of them such as technology do and can make a gift-giving process easier. Fleur et toi believes that the only way to bridge this gap is to use technology to make simple for men and women to purchase flowers. The company has established an online platform that enables the customer to buy the roses through the website. The company's main products are roses with the highest quality, and each product has its story. The system will automatically record the story of the customer

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Fleur et toi differs from its competitors as it cultivates a personal relationship through the use of the created application, discount and delivering excellent customer service. The company intends to provide one of the best customer experience whereby its clients can interact with each other through the application. There will be an app affiliated to Fleur et toi which is called toi et moi. The users can match with their date, and it will be used as a private journal for the couple. They can record the important dates, write journals, and upload pictures in the APP. As such other customers might interact with the experience of one customer and this not only facilitate interaction but also acts as an advertisement platform.

Fleur et toi has majorly targeted men and women that are in either a relationship or still dating. This is ideal customers for an automatic, online purchase of fresh flowers that helps to keep romance lively. The concept involves the existence of a flower shop where one person can only buy the rose for only one person in the entire life as a mean of fostering romance. The company has targeted customers who are well established with higher levels of discretionary income and are more eager to spend on their loved ones. With the company's online platform, the clients will not be worried about missing special days in their loved one's life such as birthdays and holiday. The company will sell its roses from the official website and the application. The company's system will record the customer's detail and send a reminder to the client on the important days. Fleur et further helps customers in selecting the type of the flower the client want to send if at all he/she finds it difficult to choose. To achieve this, the company will provide questionnaires and recommend the best product. The questions include the constellation, blood types, and age for the gift receiver. Upon knowing all this, the company can customize the exact gift that fits the client.

Fleur et toi also have the preserved rose has exploded to the special treatment. When the customer purchase the rose from Fleur et toi, the customer can record a video, and Fleur et toi will edit the film. There will be a gift card with the QR code that the gift receiver can get access to the video. The customer can share their romantic story in our APP, and when they got likes from 100 users, they will get a 10% off for the next purchase.

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