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A business plan is a written form of document that describes the nature of the business, the financial background, marketing and sale strategies, and nature of losses or profits made by the company. JD's Consulting Company provides different products and services to its esteemed consumers. The company's business plan describes a road map for identification of the appropriate directions to be followed by the organization in future; therefore ensuring that the desired business objectives are attained. A lot of time us used in planning for the operations of JD's Consulting Company because it provides complex consultation services to its clients (Dubois et al., 23). Appropriate analysis of the possible outcomes is also important in ensuring that business success achieved and the established objectives are attainable. The business plan developed for JD's Consulting Company should contain guidelines that are generally accepted by all stakeholders, agents and clients to create teamwork and collaboration. Each section in the plan must include specific components and address important questions that might arise in the company.

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The future operations and establishment of goals are important for JD's company because they determine the progress of the organization. Scholars and researchers have expounded that a business plan helps in locating the future position of the organizations in terms of operational success. Corporate responsibility also forms the pivotal components in the process of achieving business success (Karlsson et al., 12). Most of the business organizations in the world use the business plans to attract new customers and retain their employees. Multinational corporations develop successful business plans to compete favorably with other companies. An appropriate business plan includes the predetermined strategies to be implemented in JD's Consulting Company. In most cases, entrepreneurs have recommended for inclusion of possible problems that might affect the operations of the company and effective solutions to be used in overcoming the negative implications of these challenges.

Description of the Business Company and Its Products

JD's Company provides various types of consultation services to small companies before they start their operations. Some of the services offered in JD's Consulting Company include cybersecurity insurance, electronic installation and related consultations, and planning of startup cost. JD's Consulting Company also provides education to entrepreneurs and investors about the development and implementation of appropriate business strategies. The vision of the company is to deliver quality services to clients to become successful in their business operations. JD's Consulting Company improves the lifestyles of communities through corporate responsibilities. JD's Consulting Company offers a variety of technology-related services and consultations to its clients (Dubois et al., 53). JD's clients include all technology proprietors, individuals, partners, small and medium-sized enterprises. The services of JD's Consulting Company include fraud detection and related services, cybersecurity detection, data processing and archiving of applications and software, and office management. The company also engage in processing re-engineering services that help in reducing administrative costs and promote effective service delivery in different business organizations.

JD's Consulting Company have targeted different clients to improve its operations in most parts of the world. The leading target customers for JD's Consulting Company are sole proprietors, Project managers and supervisors, Forensic auditors, partnerships, Human Resource managers, Managing Directors, and Finance managers. The potential consumers are those who normally operate with 10-1000 workers in the organization. the aim of targeting small and medium-sized enterprises is to reduce the cost of administration and enhance the quality of management and employee welfare. The company also operates in other activities that to promote corporate responsibilities because it creates employment to the people living the surrounding communities (Karlsson et al., 62). Realization of business success involves participation in the activities that improve the living standards of the people. Precisely, JD's Consulting Company concentrates providing consultation services that help in processes and bureaucracy activities like tracking, output on service delivery, tracing, and financial management.

How Pricing and Startup Cost Determination Enable JD's Consulting Company to Make Profits

As mentioned earlier, an appropriate business plan includes the financial background of the company; therefore, JD's Consulting Company have evaluated its startup cost to maximize manage their expenditure and ensure effective performance. Initially, the company was composed of small-sized business groups with experienced consultants. Comprised of small start-up businesses with expert consultants. The implementation of the predetermined and evaluated strategies consultation tools pivotal in ensuring proper business planning. The company helps in executing the planning activities; therefore, allowing its customers to optimize their business operations and minimize startup costs (Karlsson et al., 18). Many business experts have linked the ability of companies to effectively analyse their business objectives with planning; therefore, reducing the startup costs for JD's Consulting Company.

Startup costs are normally classified according to their type because many investors and entrepreneurs prefer operating they are companies based on the priorities. The ability of JD's Consulting to classify the startup costs by type also ensures effective performances and overall business success in the organization. The company offers reliable consultation services that are required in its clients to start their business operations (Dubois et al., 28). According to business expertise, a financial plan must account for the determination of realistic startup costs. The estimation of the startup costs also ensures that consumer confidence is developed because most of the entrepreneurs usually fail to evaluate the efficacy of the strategies used in the estimation of startup costs. Consumers normally fail to trust the newly formed business due to the differences in the makeshifts, complexity of business logistics, and different management strategies. According to the financial records and reports, JD's Consulting Company have made a lot of profits due to the ability to estimate its startup costs because the estimates are used in ensuring equal distribution of finances and resource according to the tasks assigned to each departmental group in the organization.

Start-up expenses include all start-up assets and expenditures. The startup asset accounts for the amount of money present in the bank account when the company was started. Another type of startup expenses is the start-up inventories such as office furniture, vehicles and electronic devices owned by JD's Consulting Company. A typical business plan for the company provides a reliable approach used in determining the appropriate prices of goods and services before performing any business operation. An inventor and a lender normally request the company to provide an estimated financial report before signing any business agreements and engaging in partnership with JD's Consulting Company. Lenders sponsors are important business partners for JD's Consulting Company, for example, a lender may give the organization a credit line of $1Million; therefore, considerate estimation must be undertaken to ensure effective performance. The business plan guides the company on how to utilize the money in all departmental groups (Dubois et al., 23). $135000 will be used in covering for all startup expense. The remaining money should be kept for maintaining the operations of the company to avoid the occurrence of loss. Some money should also be allocated for running and maintaining all operations of the company.

Market Strategies of JD's Consulting Company

The position of the company is strategic because of its location in the middle of the city. The large and growing population in the city provides a reliable market for JD's Consulting Company. This strategic position promotes the ability of the company to serve all clients; therefore, resulting in customer satisfaction. The development and implementation of productive market strategies are results from a meticulous analysis of markets forces. The analysis of the potential influential market forces make the company familiarize with the with all market aspects; therefore, being able to define the company's market share. The analysis of the market determinants also enables JD's Consulting Company to develop a pricing, promotional and operational policies that guide all consultants; therefore, promoting the quality of services offered to the potential consumers.

The market strategies attempt to define and analyze the company's market in terms of structure, culture, growth prospects, size, sales potential, and trends. the analysis of the market forces also provides important data that can be used to evaluate the strengths of the potential competitors. The capabilities of the consumers make it easy for JD's Consulting Company to determine its weaknesses; therefore, establishing the appropriate advertising and marketing strategies. After determining the size and structure of the market, JD's defines its target market because it is from this type of market in which reliable and potential customers are secured. The target market of the company should narrow down depending on the needs of the potential clients and the company's priorities. Some of the useful factors to be considered in the segmentation of the market forces include the attributes of the customers, product orientation, and geographical factors. Research studies have shown that the distribution of products and service delivery depend on the confinement of the company to a particular geographical location. This means that JD's Consulting Company is needed to further define its target market that reflect the number of its customers and types of services required in a specific geographical position.

Determination of JD’s Competitive Products and Competitive Advantages

The business plan also includes the structure of JD's Consulting Company developed from the critical analysis of the marketing predispositions and the efficacy of the implemented strategies. All activities and events in JD's Consulting Company are unique due to the different capability levels of each department; therefore, improving the market structure of the organization. The products and services provided at JD's Consulting Company are intended to create an enabling environment for both private and public organizations; therefore, supporting productivity in all parts of the world. One of the unique and main selling proposition incorporated in JD's Consulting is the level of consciousness considered to preserve the interests of all small and medium-sized companies (Dubois et al., 34). another unique selling predisposition of JD's Consulting Company is the promotion of stewardship through the evaluation of productive marketing strategies to be implemented to achieve business success. JD's Consulting Company have a competitive advantage over other companies because of the availability of experienced staff who can effectively develop and implement product marketing strategies for the benefit of the company.

The skills of the staff working in JD's Consulting Company also provides a competitive advantage to the organization. The skills and experiences of the entrepreneurs and management help in creating a competitive advantage for JD's Co...

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