Business Letters vs Social Media Posts - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-05-23


Letters and social media posts vary when it comes to business scenarios. Most of the business letters cannot be compared with social media posts or messages because they tend to convey different messages. A business letter is always brief and formal and straight to the point, and that is why they lack that physical connection. However, the media posts most of the time is created by people to send to their friends whom they share so many things in common can be a family member or relative (Roshong, 2020). Moreover, most of the organizations around the globe are beginning to adapt to the new digital communication style because it plays a vital role when it comes to leadership in the company. The reasons as to why the administration needs to adapt to digital communications are because most of the employees and junior staff workforce are digital and not used to the strict formal type of communication. For instance, technology has made the world a global place, and most people communicate through smartphones and the use of language that is abbreviated with specific meanings. If the organization does not cope with current trends, it might end up losing best-talented workers.

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Business Letters Language

The business writers should emphasize on the use of simple and familiar words or vocabulary in conveying their business because this will aid in increasing the understanding of the message by the people reading across all the demographics. Most companies prefer using official language that they understand better than slang because a company has a variety of individuals from different ethnicity and different language background. Hence the use of simple words that have familiar names will contribute a lot to the understanding of someone's message in a proper manner and deliver the intended purposes (Top U.S. Workplaces See Gains in Employee Favorability Ratings, 2019). However, the use of hard vocabularies and terminologies may alter the effectiveness of the message being conveyed and might bring bad or poor intentions to the reader or audience. Moreover, the use of the shot word and simple words does not dump down the business but rather contributes a lot by making the message more precise and easy to understand faster. Therefore, through the use of simple words and vocabularies helps the reader differentiate between the topic sentence and be able to see its supporting sentences and then understandably code the message.

Text Speaking Causes

The fact that frequent texting and instant messaging affects the communication process of an individual is actual since, through instant texting, an individual tends to use short words or acronyms, which affect communication negatively. Even though the use of acronym aids in saving time, the fact remains that any message for sentence the business letter the sender only has 1-7 minutes to convince the reader and 90 seconds to get the response; hence it is right for one to avoid frequent messaging (Roshong, 2020). However, the fact that images convey some hidden meaning in a message they should not be used in the business letters because most of the individuals are not digital, and they may have different interpretations of the emojis hence making the message distorted. In the next few years, the business will start employing the use of digital messaging and texting style to be able to accomplish their goals since they will be the most extensive and potential customers in the market.


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