Brief Summary of Inner Reptile Video

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Brief Summary of Inner Reptile Video

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This is a very interesting episode, which takes us through the evolution of human beings from a mere reptile to mammals. It was about 375 years ago when an organism, which looks like fish, emerged from water. It then evolved into an amphibian into reptile and gradually into mammals. This was discovered through research by the discovery of bones of creatures that was partially reptile and mammal. The bones of this creature show that it was in the transition process of reptile into human beings.

The video show that the structure of modern human body has some features that seems to be borrowed from ancient reptiles. The features that were borrowed can be seen from skin, hair, teeth and the process in which infant grow into the mammalian body. The video indicates that the teeth of a man has the same features which ancient reptilian ancestors has and our hair began to grow after the disappearance of Permian very many years ago. This was the time when human beings had dug himself deep into the soil to keep away from bad weather. The researches also show that bones in the ear of a modern man seemed to have progressed from the jaws of ancient reptiles and this evolution can be explained from the growth of ears in opossums.

The video episode also illustrates that human beings also grow from a yolk sac before it becomes fetus. This is observables immediately after conception likely between 4 weeks to 8 weeks. The human yolk sac becomes smaller as it develops into embryo. From the growth of sac, we can explain our evolution history. The episode also explains that omnion fluid is also inherited from ancient reptiles since almost 375 years when human beings scrawled from water; he has to protect his eggs from drying in new surroundings. Other creatures like amphibians had to go back to water in order to protect their eggs from drying while reptiles had to develop a way in which they enclose their embryo with a shell. This gives them an opportunity to lay their eggs in shores. Modern men also have both egg and yolk genes but they became dysfunctional through the evolutionary process. It is also evident by our DNA that we originate from egg laying animals.This is because we have the same genetic signature with such animals.

The material presented in the video relates to the topic we learnt in class by helping learners to understand how organisms evolve from a more primitive organism to more complex living organisms we see today. The video also provides a living example on how human anatomy is similar to other living organism through this the class is able to understand structural difference between one living organisms to the next. The video also helps the class to understand how NDA replicate through either meiosis or mitosis to form multiple cells. Through this process of replication of codes, it important in ensuring that one living creature evolve from a more primitive living organism to a more complex one. This video helps and illustrates cell division and enables us to have practical idea about types of chromosomes.

The materials in this episode are also important in the explanation of other functions of DNA. The video put more emphasis on how DNA helps in the growth and repair of tissues through which evolution takes place. With the help of DNA simple, organisms like that of living organism illustrated in the video that scrawled from water forming amphibians and finally into mammals could have their tissues grow into a complex structures like that of mammals. This therefore allows the evolutionary process to take place. The episode also ensure that we have great understanding of all the functions of DNA in the influence of evolution as it explains how DNA influence physical characteristics of living organism. This helps us to identify organisms with the same physical characteristics. Such features therefore enable our class to know and identify organisms that seems to have evolved from one another. The concept of structural and regulatory is also explained properly in this video. From the video, we could recognize how structural genes influences body structure of living organism. It ensures that organisms from the same family have the same body structure as they have the same gene that is responsible for their body structure. Through this, organisms from the same family can be identified from ancestral family to current modern living organisms.

This video is very interesting; it contains relevant information that helps to understand how modern man evolves from simple creatures. Based on the information I have observed in the video, the author clearly stated his research topic and objectives. The author elaborated his main purpose of doing his research. He also ensures that his audience understands the main idea of the content of the video with illustrations and proper clarification of the subject matter. The author also presented his information is a simpler way by using simple and short sentences. He also explains his points one by one so that the audience can have ample time to integrate his ideas. He accompanied his ideas with pictures to put more emphasis on the information he wants to put across. The author also uses a clear voice and tone that can be understood by all most every audience. To give emphasis on his ideas, the author also uses gestures and other signs to explain some of his points in the video. This increases the understanding of his ideas and makes it easy to be understood easily by his audience.

There were some points that the author did not explain. The author did not explain biological factors that influence change in organization structure in ancient organisms such as amphibians into mammals. The author also leaves some gaps by not giving vivid explanation of how evolution takes place in organisms. The interesting part of this video is that it captures all the points that can support evolutionary process. This video has some weaknesses and strengths. It has more strengths than weaknesses because it is easy to understand and the author stresses his key points to the audience. This video also supports the ideas of the author by pictures and this increases the understanding of the materials being presented. The only weakness of this video is that illiterate person who has not heard a bout evolution process cannot understand it.

Brief Summary of Inner Monkey Video

Inner monkey episode explains the evolution of humankind from apes to current human beings. The video explains why our inner anatomies have the same structure as those of monkeys. Our ancient structures possess bodies, which are like those of modern monkeys. It therefore means that we inherited our current versatile hands, vision and sharp brains. We also inherited some characteristics such as bad backs and dreadful sense of smell. Based on this video, it is easy to conclude that the life of a modern man evolve from very simple primitive ancestors. This can be supported by the fact that monkeys have vestigial tails and this can be seen in modern men who tend to have coccyx at the extreme end of vertebral column. The coccyx and the vestigial tail of monkey seem to serve the same purpose.

Modern man and monkeys have hands of the same structure. Both have hands with long fingers and both have fingernails. This differentiates them from other animals that have claws and paws. Both monkeys and modern man have thumbs that are all set at an angle. This therefore shows that they have the same ancestral origin based on the result determined from the fossils records. The purpose of such hands is to hold strong grip on branches in the case on monkeys.

Monkeys also walk like modern man. Through evolution, ancient man developed strong limbs that enable them to walk upright. The ancient man used to live in forest like monkey even though it used to walk upright.

The materials presented in this video are related to our lectures. It explains three different concepts that we have been taught in class. This video covers different concepts in evolution functions of DNA, genetic code and finally structural and regulatory function of genes. This video vividly supports these topics by explaining how DNA influences body structure of living organism. Through this we can know what influences evolutionary process.

This video is very interesting and it is able to draw attention of many people to watch it. This is because its author critically explains the main topic and objectives. The author critically pointed out that this video is meant to explain evolutionary process. It also highlights the reason for developing this video. The author stated the main research topic and objectives in his introduction and he ensures that the audience has background information about the video and key points before starting the body.

The information presented in this video can also easy to understand because it is written in simple language that different audiences can grasps the main point. The author also uses short and clear sentences with a well-structured statement that can be understood easily. The author also put across clear pictures that the audience can understand without explanation of the author. Pictures are also arranged orderly which can be followed easily and this support easy understanding of video. The author also ensures that video is plaid in conjunction with his explanation. This increases the understanding of this video as the audience listen to the explanation as the same time watches the video.

According to me this author did not leave any gap in his video. He tries to put all the information that can make him achieve his objectives. I strongly support this video because it is able to explain structural relationship between modern man and monkeys. The author should only elaborate what influence structural transformation of one organism to the next. This is only what I can request the author to elaborate.

This video also has some strengths and weaknesses but it has more strengths. This video is very interesting and can easily be understood by different audience. This video is also is written in a very simple language. More importantly, this video help different student to learn evolutionary process so that we can understand the relationship between different organisms. The only weakness of this video is that it is very wide and people with low education cannot understand some areas. This is because they tend to be more scientific and therefore the author needs to simplify his ideas further.

Brief Summary of Decoding Neanderthals Video

The video show that a modern human being appeared 60000years ago. It is evident that there has been a modern man living in Africa hundred thousand years ago as evident by First European who first traveled to Africa. They physically realize that there has been another powerfully built Neanderthals living in Africa before their arrival According to the author of this video, modern man interbreed with Neanderthals and through this they had to leave a small but a very significant signature of Neanderthals gene in other continent. The video show that Neanderthals is greatly different from modern man either through character or through anatomy. The video show that Neanderthals had its evolutionary process in Africa 80000 years ago before they migrated to Europe. The video show that Modern man arrived in Africa 40000 years later. Neanderthals then disappeared after 10,000 years but we could not tell what happened to them. We could only find tresses of their genes in the cells of modern man.

The material presented in this video relate to three different concepts that we have been gone through in class. This video helps students to understand functions of genes in relations to physical characteristics. The research shows that Neanderthal has gene speech that modern man also have. This video therefore help...

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