Brian Doyle "The Greatest Nature Essay Ever"

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Date:  2022-08-03

Brian Doyle in "The Greatest Nature Essay Ever" describes what one could experience to read the most excellent nature essay ever. He uses his point of view to explain what would be going through the mind of the reader as he or she engages in reading paragraph by paragraph of the essay. In other words, how someone would be pulled and thus his/ her reaction from the first paragraph until he/ she finishes with the sections of the essay. With the aid of different and distinctive examples of imagery, he develops a simple means through which the reader could comprehend how amazing it feels like to be part of the audience of the nature essays. Therefore, Doyle pleas to the reader by utilizing available imagery, physical things that are imaginable making it easier to develop an association with nature, to enter the world presented in the nature essay.

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Doyle made a great chose of words and phrases that make a reader develop the urge of reading aloud slowly and consider not wanting to rush over the lines due to the fear of having this great moment ending too soon. Doyle employed words consist of metaphors, personalities, jokes, actions, and. Images, such words usually makes writing reflect easily is one's minds (Doyle, 80) Hence, a reader dwells a deeply imagined world, which exists together with the real physical world. Besides, the technique that captures human experience makes the reader sway along the writer into the world presented in the essay to experience the sublime of the imaginary world, carrying along their emotions.

Doyle begins his essay with a description of Hummingbird's heart- the name that was given to the first explorer in Americas; meaning the flying jewels. The article starts to consider the hummingbird for a long moment, the using of the sentence the author appeals to the reader not to rush through the writing. Then he proceeds to give a clear description of the heart of the hummingbird. It beats ten times per second and the size of a 'pencil eraser', actually, the heart beats so fast that on a cold night or when they need to sleep they are really in jeopardy of dying for the heart slows down too much. Doyle put his way; "on frigid nights... they retreat into torpor, their metabolic rate slowing to a fifteenth of their standard sleep rate, their hearts slugging nearly to a halt, barely beating, and if they are not warned, if they do not soon find that which is sweet, their heart grow cold, and they cease to be". (Doyle, 16) This essay shows exceptional creativity as it uses the words that it has borrowed to sketch of the mood and evocativeness and action of fiction that then pulls the grinning thread that triggers emotions of the readers (Kapparman and Simons, 5). Doyle (175) describes such a story of this nature makes it lean and taut and clean and very often I find that the essay it about something else utterly than I thought. Therefore, this approach enabled Doyle essay drove delight and perhaps attaining the critical reason his writing as in his piece continues to describe the hearts of the animals; "but the animals with the largest hearts in the world generally travel in pairs." (Doyle, 16)

Similarly, Doyle is doing more than describing the hearts of the animals. In the midst of explaining about the animal's heart, he has subtly brought a reader to the reality; we all churn inside. In this same essay, there is incredible beauty 'flying jewels', and there is an agonizing pain brilliant music stilled. One of the most surprising reality regarding human being is that w they appear to need a poetic version of life; because, from the past human beings despite of their culture background poetically tell their narrative, using the rudimentary poetry conceal in everyday language to offer solutions to challenges, communicate desire and needs, and talking to themselves. Finally, he manages to drive a reader to this point of reality of the whole piece where his masterful ends. Doyle ends the essay with sentences such as; "so much held in a heart in lifetime...we utterly open with no one in the end- not mother, and father, not wife or husband, not a lover, not a child, not a friend" (Doyle,15). Such sentences are meant to give a reader the real taste of this harsh world that hurt profoundly hurts and most of the time trying to shield from it to escape the pain.

In conclusion, this essay by Doyle demonstrated the most comprehensive, fattest, magnificent honest, endlessly foldaway form of compelling prose not only because it has utilized all the kinds of arts effectively, but also, it is the most lively of structures accountable to merriment; free link, and startlement, without strainers and mannered covers and firm dignity of fiction and poetry and journalism, correspondingly.

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