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The furniture industry offers a significant opportunity to develop the business as well as creating expanding sales. Various considerations are to be accounted for to initiate a new business in the line. In connection to multiple companies that have ventured in, the industry has faced numerous challenges that include the changing lifestyles, population increase, and high competition from counterparties, high capital to start, and finally, the time lags (Okello, 2018 ). The challenges pose a critical situation to start a New Bradley Office Furniture Store. In that, the furniture business is required to integrate each day in their designs and also make a thorough research on the demands of the market. Due to the high cost of examinations and conducting investigations on how to initiate new designs and fashions of the furniture, the business owners in that line ignore the research (Sitanggang et al., 2019). Similarly, the capital required to set branch chain stores is high, and sometimes after-sale service becomes hard to offer. Due to that reason, many furniture companies have consistently lost their clients as they fear transportation of the products all away from the primary location to their adjacent residents.

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The research question follows: What are the factors influencing the demands of the furniture with changing generations? Then, what are the appropriate means of solving and planning for the success of the new venture in the business? The purpose of the study is to establish a firm ground on how to improve and raise the capital necessary to run the furniture business as well as to control and manage the stiff competition of the existing companies in the industry. In order to best plan for the new business venture, it would be right to establish the weaknesses and strengths as well as trying to induce or introduce solutions that may be used to improve the current situation of the business.

Company Background

The Bradley Office Store has five years in operation, offering the office furniture and also supply home accessories (Okello, 2018 ). The significant items that it has always dealt with include a desk, seating, tables, and storages. Their development has been sequential, and therefore it began from the low level up to the point it is today. Its headquarters is based in Columbus. The growth and development of the company have depended on the three factors, that is, leadership, research, and marketing strategies (Sitanggang et al., 2019). The leadership element has continuously coordinated all factors of production as well as manipulation of the production and customer service deliverance. It is through leadership that various marketing supply chain that the customers are reached and their taste discovered. Based on the research and the studies, the company has continuously developed new designs and the flavors of the clients. They have also been capable of offering direct furniture fitting the clients' offices and also at their premises. By so doing, it has been discovered that their sales and production keep growing. The company, the years have registered positive net profit and has expanded to multiple online stores located in different places (Sitanggang et al., 2019).

Similarly, it has consistently improved its designs, depending on the dynamics of society. From traditional selling and marketing, they have regressively turned to online shops and stores whereby the clients can review the furniture on their website and even make orders. The service is enhanced, and the client can access their preference at any time of the day. However, based on the observations made in the Bradley Company, there are several constraints that they have faced, and still, they have not gotten a solution to it (Okello, 2018). Their delivery is time-consuming, and also they have not been able to set up more physical stores in different areas for display and advertising purposes. For that reason, various local has not been able to familiarize with items and furniture of the latest model.

According to Buser project that was founded in 1986 mainly used the concept of quality and design advancement ("Buser Project | Office Design Makes Turnkey Projects with Interior Architects", 2020). Regarding the improvement of design, they introduced the showroom. The premise was to advance the marketing and advertisement of the product furniture. Generally, it ventured in 26 countries to create functional networks and public relations ("Buser Project | Office Design Makes Turnkey Projects with Interior Architects", 2020). Regarding that, the company was capable of manipulating the development of the market share. However, it has been faced by multiple challenges of stiff competition, and also low growth of the designs encountered as a result of the evolving generation. The company's objectives were to increase sales by offering quality products to the target market. The Turnkey project, therefore, also pose a weakness in product delivery as its stores are not well distributed in the market. For that reason, it takes longer for the company to deliver their goods to the clients who have already ordered them. Customer care service is one of the major departments that assist the company in creating a good reputation. The Buser project has significantly grown through creating a versatile environment for management to keep close control of the supply and customer service development. Regarding the same, steady supply of the furniture to the market hence growth.

Literature Review

Bradley's Office Furniture Store is one of the reputable businesses rising and creating a competitive supply of furniture. It has been into the industry for five years hence expanding its sales due to efficiency it has offered to the customers (Sitanggang et al., 2019). The business image has enabled it to develop loyal customers as well as selling its brand. However, alongside some challenges, it has to induce strategic policies and procedures to manage the obstacles in its operation. A comprehensive plan is certainly not a trait of furniture development; it is an alternate method to think and work in the structure procedure. The word 'comprehensive' implies that no one inside the focused on populace ought to be rejected. The objective of a comprehensive structure is to cause individuals to feel good and similarly acknowledged. The items ought to be usable and available for whatever number individuals inside the focused on the populace as would be prudent, prompting diminishing requirements for a specific plan or unique adjustment. The decent structure design is fundamental to comprehend the requests and abilities of the expected clients.'

The issue is that a large portion of the furniture available has been intended for youthful and dependable individuals (Okello, 2018). At that point, individuals with any sort of scope of inability frequently need to add costly adjustments to make the item fit their conditions and needs. The overall structure is attempting to evacuate prohibition that happens because clients can't utilize items or administrations. Identified with this, Sitanggang et al. (2019) express that the item will be better if the measure of clients is more considerable. The comprehensive plan approach henceforth advances the structure of things that fit the entire focused on the populace. It is generally done by attempting to recognize plan arrangements that would incorporate disabled individuals since items planned in light of these client needs can be utilized by capable individuals too. However, the contrary circumstance is more outlandish. The comprehensive methodology is financial over the long haul despite what one may think, because there will be more clients and, along these lines, the deals are probably going to increment. Embracing a plan with the goal that it follows comprehensive structure standards is frequently not an expensive procedure, but instead a test for the originators to be inventive and think in new manners and think about elective clients and ways for cooperation. Henceforth the methodology is financially savvy in that market fragments are extended.

It is represented that the improvement of furniture and home furnishing retailer bargains a motivation in the United States outperformed $110 billion of each 2003 and kept extending to $123 billion of each 2007 (Sitanggang et al., 2019). In any case, privately made furniture among these retailer bargains has declined by more than $4.9 billion someplace in the scope of 2000 and 2003 (Sitanggang et al., 2019). An extending bit of furniture imports from various countries, especially Asian nations, fills the opening between private usage and creation. The extended competition of remote furniture producers achieved lost around 34,700 authorities in the wood furniture industry in the United States since 2001 (Sitanggang et al., 2019). The loss of business and openings for work is a direct result of the surge of outside made things that are esteemed well underneath items made locally.

In furniture creating, routinely, 39% of the supreme gathering cost is the work cost. It was the essential inspiration driving why furniture producers moved from New England to Michigan, and subsequently to North Carolina, Indiana, and Mississippi (Sitanggang et al., 2019). Associations are, as of now, moving to places like China to abuse the low work costs is because of reducin...

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