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Date:  2021-06-24

Boys Don't Cry film recounts the tale of Brandon Teena who was disastrously assaulted and killed outside of Falls City in Nebraska on December 31st in the year 1993. Kimberly Pierce directed the movie after developing interest in Brandon regarding his murder while studying at Columbia University. Pierce did extensive research on the life of Brandon and spent nearly five years doing the screenplay for the movie. A great part of the film is gloomy and dark. The absence of colour triggers the city to appear dull and without life. Kimberly Pierce's utilization of harsh artificial light implies the bad reality attached to the Midwest of America's heartland. Characters incorporated in the movie appear to be secluded in the dull open spaces. The time-lapse move shots of public land in line with the little inside spaces of the homes stand to confuse the viewer. Upon the setting, detachment feelings, dissatisfaction, estrangement, and "abjection" drive two people to sustain a violent demonstration of hatred and brutality against Brandon Teena.

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Written after death, this film and its depiction of Brandon present a subversive portrayal of the common look and development of Brandon's character. Gender and sexual individualists are not often made known to the society through the media, and if done it is hardly ever a positive depiction. In this manner, they remain to a great extent misjudged, a reality which is revealed in this film. Boys Dont Cry movie serves to highlight the connection between violence, knowledge, and power. I feel that Pierce came up with the film not exclusively to create awareness publicly about violence and trans phobia against trans individuals, but as a stage to challenge prevailing and abusive developments of gender and sexuality. Kimberly needs viewers to contemplate the mechanisms in which knowledge is made, who develops it, and the means in which knowledge impacts social relations of resistance and domination. It is only through the making of new knowledge that we would be able to power social change.

The first scene sets the tone of the film where we are introduced with Brandon's eyes glancing to the viewer in a rearview mirror. We are welcomed into his reality, and thus, we are compelled to address our own underestimated presumptions about gender. Brandon's look signifies the first kind of gaze that is built in the movie. The film makes the viewer to see the story of Brandon Teena from Brandon's viewpoint. Since the media scope and production of both the narrative and Hollywood film were made posthumous, they were naturally constrained in that Brandon was not able to represent himself. What makes this movie separated from different records is the fact that Pierce did broad research into Brandon's life and attempted to give him a chance to shine in the film. Rather than making a record where popular press or Brandon's associates speak about or for him, Pierce attempted to make a film that exhibited his life as he managed it.

Right from the beginning of the movie, Brandon makes it understandable that he is male. I am first acquainted with Brandon and his cousin who says to him, "You are not a boy!.. why not concede that you're a dyke?". Brandon answers, "Since I am not a dyke". Brandon is a male, and the rest of the film depicts him so. This movie is based on transgendered subjectivity which is especially essential since most predominant media scope did not regard Brandon's personality. Media range was printed posthumous which made it absurd for Brandon's voice to listen. He turned into a point of discussion.

Crash and Boys Dont Cry movies share the theme of social injustices through the acts of violence. In Crash film, the white cop John Ryan is seen violently harassing the black couple. Despite the fact that the license plates of the vehicle show that it is not the one that was stolen in earlier scenes, the cop goes ahead and pulls it over claiming to carry investigation. In the process, the white cop sexually assaults the black lady in front of her husband. The husband feels sorry and sacrifices for his marriage because of his race (being black) and position in society. On the other hand, Boys Don't Cry film as well showcases incidences of violence. Brandon is treated in a violent manner whereby he is sexually abused. His problems worsen when makes an effort to report the case to the police. Due to his trans gender, the police make fun of him without according the necessary help he was seeking. Brandon's murder is also a case of violence. The film is indeed staged not to develop awareness publicly about violence and transphobia exclusively, but to challenge prevailing and abusive developments of gender and sexuality so as to power the social change.

The film Boys Don't Cry makes the viewer see the story of Brandon Teena from Brandon's viewpoint. In Crash film, Whiteness is brought out by first negatively viewing the characters and later on in a more positive context as noted in the final scenes of the movie. Crash exemplifies racism acts portraying the notion of whiteness as it brings to light racial stereotypes. What makes Boys Don't Cry film to be different from the Crash is the fact that Pierce did broad research into Brandon's life and attempted to give him a chance to shine. Rather than making a record where prevailing press or Brandon's associates speak about or for him, Pierce sought to make a film that exhibited his life as he managed it.

After watching the Crash and Boys Don't Cry movies, it turns out to be evident that to end social injustices confronted either by transgender people; we need to reexamine our social identity. Our way of life is committed to this thought that there are two and just two genders and two sexes, which is simply not the situation. These ideas are obsolete and constraining for underestimated people who do not fit in with these standards. As expressed in the novel "Queer Theory, Gender Theory" by Riki Wilchins, book, "Pairs resemble the dark holes of knowledge where nothing gets out, or a new thing can get in." It is essential that we make sex a rights issue. By doing so, people like Brandon are offered "consent to be all that they are, irrespective of whether other individuals regard them gender acceptable". Also, the black couple could have got justice if social differences of racism were put aside. In relation to the various instances in both movies, we need to embrace social change in society so as to end social injustices.

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