Social, Personal and Conversation Dilemma in the Me Before You Movie

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Date:  2021-04-08

The paper will explicitly analyze the movie called Me Before You about the ethical dilemma it has presented in its context. Me before you movie is a British emotional drama which depicts a budding relationship between a young lady and a man who was from vastly different social backgrounds. Besides, the literature will entail the examples from various sources based on the dilemma and its elements in the movie. Moreover, the essay will also include how the various dilemmas are significant in the contemporary society. The future questions and research areas concerning this research will also be discussed in the paper. Similarly, the article will try to explain the ethical dilemma in the movie and specifically the various social, personal and conversation dilemma which has been presented in the drama film. The modern society is always faced with the active and passive euthanasia dilemma.

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Lou was hired by Wills mother after he had gone through two years of unsuccessful intensive physical therapy and aching bouts of pneumonia. Lou being employed by Wills mom is a clear indicator of personal dilemma Lou went through considering the relationship Lou had with Will. Besides, Lous responsibility was just to look after the Will and also give him emotional support, if emotions and contempt could be dragged out of Will. However, the movie reveals the audience roughly halfway by that Lou was employed six months before Will was arranging to be euthanized in Switzerland. His mother was also in a dilemma and hope that Lou spending time with Will in the next month resulting to his euthanization will change her unique zest for life will modify the mind of Will. The mother was also put in a personal dilemma by Will because she was given six months to think about Wills decision of seeking the physician-assisted euthanasia (Barker, 2016).

A social dilemma is also witnessed by the perception that the society is not strange in the euthanasia topic and the physician-assisted suicide. For instance, several cultures such as the Ancient Greek and the Roman civilizations have always practiced and accepted infanticide, active euthanasia and also suicide. Moreover, Colombia and Belgium advocates for active euthanasia as the doctors have always administered the life-ending medicine. However, countries such as Mexico and the United States five states have always legalized the physician-assisted suicide (PAS), where a patient can request access to drugs that he or she will use to end their respective life. However, in me about You film, the case of Will shows the core disagreements in the fine print of euthanasias ethical conclusions.

The representation of the Wills reasons for euthanization meets the real standard criterion for the procedure, which is unbearable pain. However, it is evident that Will lacks the terminal illness, as it is considered acceptable by many if the individual will die because of the pain-inflicting mechanism such as when one is enduring cancer treatments that only prolong life in the six months. Nonetheless, a dilemma arises when there is the existence of a conflict between whether or not an individual should be permitted to be euthanized for the non-terminal illness.

Surprisingly, towards the end of the film, Will confess to falling in love with Lou, but however, decides to carry on with his decision to be euthanized because he never wanted to impose his lifes disadvantages on her. Evidently, Wills purpose for continuing with his euthanization plans is mainly grounded on his reasoning. The dilemma is demonstrated when he tells Lou that she makes him want to live again. Besides, several questions can be asked from Wills decision despite his love for Lou include; does Will have sound knowledge of Lous previous life? Does Will know better than Lou the meaning of a meaningful life? Does Will have the authority to make such decisions about the life of Lou, especially a decision which could profoundly influence her life for an unknown amount of time? Despite all these questions, Will never understand or considered the harm his euthanization actions would have to other people including his mother and Lou. Therefore, harm reduction should be applied in all phases of life and specifically in the analysis of the rightness if euthanasia decisions or actions (Bowman, 2016).

Further, there are several future questions which need answer and thorough research. Some of the future questions based on this analysis include; Are only reasonable people always capable of chasing and reaching their dreams or visions? Is loving a person with disability hold back the good life of an individual? Do limitations mean fewer possibilities and the opportunities are less than the ideal? Is avoiding staying in public too much the best strategy to avoid looking strange? Does needing help with food brings unwanted and uncomfortable attention?

However, possible future research areas concerning the topic and the film include the significance of both the active and passive euthanasia in the contemporary society. Besides, the research topic will analyze the differences between the two types of euthanasia and also include the underlying assumptions of the health practitioners on the euthanasia actions.


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